Bread N Butter Poetry Club Smells Delish

Got a Passion for Poetry?

By: Philip Sanzone

Ignite your passion for words with CSI’s new poetry club. (Credit:

A poetry club is springing up on campus with the help from Professor Rachel Sanchez.

The Bread N’ Butter Poetry Club recently had a meeting to decide who will be in the club and who will contribute to its birth.There has already been a temporary staff put in place.

The club desires to highlight different creative abilities of students either in rap form or storytelling through poetic lyrics. The club is also looking to attend open mics, and maybe even compete in competitions.

This club even strives to help struggling poets by offering writing workshops. Hopefully, the club wants to also help young writers by inviting various speakers. These speakers can potentially showcase fluent, methodical words that might even inspire participating poets to come up with their own ideas.

With strong passion already, the club wants to start activities that show how young talented writers can further develop their skills.

One idea involves meeting with published writers who can set a great foundation for growing a career.

These writers have the potential to change some students’ views on what they might want to do in their future. Specifically either by shining their talents within the club, and even finding acclaim among people who can help neuter that talent.

Professor Sanchez is hopeful for students posting poetry on Inkwell and through the English Department’s magazine. On top of that, hosting Open Mic sessions can offer a means to show off the talented poets within the club.

This idea is perfect for showcasing the talented poets within CSI. This may even provide more avenues to people who want to find success within creative fields such as poetry.

Some might even join the club as an outlet for emotional strifes to aid with mental health. Others might join to create a sense of community surrounding the art of poetry writing.

The club at this point in time has garnered a sizable amount of participants, but having more to join the party would be wonderful for the young club that is kickstarting.

Plus, there are many Professors within the English Department who have amazing talents (some even published) who might come and help support Professor Sanchez.

So, if you are a student at CSI who has a passion for creativity, words, and storytelling, there is no reason not to be hyped over this.

To be a poet doesn’t mean to be the best rhymer nor lyrical genius–it is to put feelings into words and create boundless interpretation.

Poetry is deep, it takes a powerful voice from within to create something so raw. With this club, each members’ voice will be able to shine like a gem.

No matter the type of poem or rap, this is a wonderful way for students on campus to be able to express their internal passions.

This is the only poetry club that has been seen on campus and promises a lot. The Bread N’ Butter Poetry Club can definitely deliver as long as there is an interest.

The support and backing for the club is there, now all it needs is more members and to have basic club documents finalized. This is being done by the temporary Presidents and Vice President, until actual elections for positions can be done.

This will be an exciting club to join and definitely will be fun for all members and expose some people to open up their creative vision. The club is newly starting and will be up by next semester-so keep a keen eye out for poster or club events that Bread N‘ Butter might attend.

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