Want A Vacation Without The Expense? Plan a Staycation

Find Fun this Summer by Staying Home

By: Roseanne Cassar

Having fun at home is always a possibility. (Credit:

A majority of families are not able to spend money on a summer vacation this year. But don’t worry, there is a solution for families who are on a fixed budget. Instead of boarding a plane to visit a tropical place, plan for a staycation from home.

There are plenty of things to do right in your own area. What is a staycation? A staycation is similar to a vacation but you spend your vacation at home.

To get started on planning your staycation, know this—it is really easy. First, grab a calendar to create a start date and an end date so that everyone knows when you’re on staycation. Second, find a visitor’s guide.

Check out your local Chamber of Commerce’s website. Don’t forget to tidy your home before your staycation begins. You can also create a fun activity to-do list for your staycation.

It is also recommended that you write down the things you want to do. To help families who are on a budget to afford a staycation, here are some terrific ideas to help you get started.  You and your family can go to national parks, state parks, county parks, metro parks and nature centers that provide a place to run around and enjoy nature.

Visit to find a national park or to find a state park. When there is a day of rain showers, find a place to stay and hang out for a while. Some places include art museums, aquariums, planetariums, science museums, and history museums.

You can visit or search the Association of Zoos and Aquariums website at their website,

Third, become an active member of local community centers and public spaces. Go to your nearby neighborhood park or YMCA. This can give you the opportunity to take advantage of the local swimming pool, tennis courts, golf course or skating rings.

Go to the beach, ride your bike, walk on the boardwalk or get involved with a sport. You can also go to parties by checking your local newspaper or Chamber of Commerce to keep yourself up to date with the nearby festivities. Also, many locales host free music nights during the summer months.

In addition, getting creative and learning something new is a great way to highlight your time at any at-home staycation. Have you always wanted to learn how to create art with candy or learn how to crochet?

You can visit your local recreations department or community college to find classes and mentors to help you bring your art project to life.

As with any vacation, it is also a necessity to pamper yourself. You are saving a whole bunch of money on your staycation by staying home, so why not treat yourself with a trip to the local spa for a massage?

Besides, you earned it. So call up and make your reservation in advance. Many spas offer specials and packages, so be sure to be on the lookout for them.

You can also pitch a tent and build a small fire in your backyard, just like an average camping trip. While outside you can chase fireflies, sing songs, look at the stars and roast marshmallows.

 Spend some money is also something you can do. Local restaurants, shows and other discount events are always in abundance year-round.

Have you considered getting a personal trainer to keep yourself healthy and fit? Why not give it a try!

You can also splurge some money on Broadway tickets, a hotel room for the night and maybe a couple of bottles of wine to kick off the evening with an amazing bang with your significant other.  

For tickets to Broadway visit A staycation is a guilt free vacation where you can splurge either on yourself or your family to have fun and enjoy this summer.  



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