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Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Exposed

Talk Show Hosts’ Divorce Drama

By: Samiha Charles

Wendy Williams and Her Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter. (Credit: Page Six)

Just days after coming as close to confirming divorce rumors to the public, Wendy William’s marriage has made headlines once again.

At the center of some more news, Wendy Williams husband of 22 years, Kevin Hunter is alleged to have been stepping out on not only his wife, but his mistress, Sharina “Nikki” Nicola Hudson, as well.  

On April 13, 2019 all tea, or as Tasha K would say “all the wine” was spilt, when R&B singer Aveon Falstar revealed that he had an affair with Kevin Hunter on her YouTube show unWinewithTashaK. In a tell-all fashion, Falstar held nothing back and left little to the imagination when he shared his alleged affair with Hunter back in 2018.

In a two part interview, Falster who had been accompanied by his wife, shared the events leading up to the affair. In what appeared to be a promising singing career with Kevin Hunter’s management company, Falstar revealed that Kevin Hunter wanted more than just a business relationship.

Back in 2017, Falstar caught the attention of one of the producers of the Wendy Williams Show and was invited to perform one of his songs. Falstar, who’d been compared to singer, Brian McKnight, Falstar was an aspiring singer when he appeared on the Wendy Williams Show.

And though he performed a few times during the Wendy William Show, Falstar wasn’t initially signed to Kevin Hunter’s managed company right away. In fact, Hunter’s mistress, Nikki, was instrumental in convincing Hunter to sign Falster to his company.

While signed under Hunter’s management company, Falstar alleged to have been a kept man as oppose to an artist.

According to Aveon Falstar, he always knew about  Kevin Hunter’s sexual orientation. “He always used to put up this straight front when he’s a secretly gay man,” Aveon says.

But suspicions didn’t rise until Kelvin had moved Aveon into an apartment in Fort Lee, New Jersey, where Charlamagne Tha God had once stayed while working with Wendy Williams. It was during that time in Fort Lee, New Jersey when Kevin began pursuing Falstar.  

According to Falstar, Hunter used to always ask him to go to a spa near the Fort Lee apartment. “Kevin used to always beg me to go to the spa,” he stated in the interview. “I don’t like the spa. I don’t like massages.

When we got to the spa, I noticed, he would only choose the days that nobody would be in there. After awhile, I suspected that he was gay.””We gave each other fellatio.”

Another one of the issues recorded by Falstar was that Kelvin had allegedly came into Aveon and his wife’s Fort Lee, New Jersey home at 3 in the morning, while inebriated and had “tossed his salad” while he was in bed.

“He came back, pulled back the covers- now mind you I just did the number 2.” He concedes. “He didn’t care about that, he ate me, he spit on me… he put it in and he came in 30 seconds.” In addition he had shouted all sorts of obscene things towards him.

Hunter claims that his insults and aggression was set off by the adrenaline received from fornication with another man.

As the plot thickens, his wife continues to quietly munch on her grapes as her husband openly admits to his affairs with Kelvin Hunter.

She was aware of the entire situation and says that she doesn’t mind that he’s what he’s done just as long as he is open about what he’s done. “It was more of an open relationship with truth,” she says. Fair enough.

“A lot of women around the world, they will have no idea how many men cheat on them with other men to get an adrenaline rush. Especially men who like to work out. And a lot of men who pretend that they’re straight, they’re really not, it’s a hormonal thing.”

He added that as the man that he is, he loved his wife. And that she had already knew the type of an he was and his condition when they had first met.

While Aveon Falstar has a special talent for singing, he also has a special condition of hermaphroditism called hypospadias, which is where the opening at the tip of the penis is on the underside of it. Falstar also accused Kevin Hunter of making him feel insecure, whether it was about his appearance, or his sexuality.

Since the allegations have been made, the upcoming singer changed his name PM at the expense of Kelvin and his law firm had issued a pre-suit letter to Kelvin. The letter, according to him addressed the sexual misconduct and allegations and demanded monetary compensation for sexual abuse against Aveon.

According to Page SIx news, Kevin nor Wendy Williams have made any statements regarding the allegations.

However, Kevin’s law representatives responded stating The claims levied by Mr. Aveon Williams against Mr. Kevin Hunter are baseless and are completely false,” Mr. Williams’ actions are a part of an elaborate scheme to extort money from Mr. Hunter and is nothing more than an attempt to shake him down for financial gain.”


Sources: unWinewithTashaK, Page SIx, z107.9

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