“The Boys” Versus Everything Else

It is concluded that it “is better than ‘Avengers: Endgame.’”

By: Lorenzo R Martinez

The beginning of a new era for super shows starts with us. Credit:

It has been nineteen years now.  I was a seventeen-year-old kid wondering what ever happened to the juggernaut that was Marvel Comics. 

I used to spend my entire life savings on comics and cards. Although, as a broke kid from the projects, that wasn’t much. But hey, what more can I say, the little I would get was still my life savings. 

I would wake up day in and day out, upgrading my card collection, trading comics with my classmates, dedicating my life to the X-Men, the Avengers, Batman, and everything else that followed suit. 

I was an absolute geek and collector of the highest order. Then suddenly…It just stopped.

Even as a grown man, I still sit here puzzled on why in the world did I just stop. 

Did I just grow out of it? That is a conversation for another day.

It was nineteen ninety-six or so when I first heard the news. Marvel Comics are on the verge of bankruptcy.

 I couldn’t believe it.

The company full of characters, full of greatness, full of my damn childhood, could be no more, just like that. 

Then, suddenly, one last attempt to save the company came. Stan Lee and everyone else who ran Marvel decided to put all of their baskets into making the “X-Men” movie. 

What else did they have to lose? This would either work, or it wouldn’t. 

And by the heavens, it not only worked, it changed the entire world. I’m not exaggerating people, it changed the ENTIRE landscape of the movie world. 

“Spider-Man,”record breaking, “X2,” record breaking and I haven’t even talked about the Disney buy out yet. It was absolutely amazing. I felt like a fourteen-year-old kid again. 

I could not help but literally cry after the end of the first Avengers movie. It was innovating in every way possible. 

I literally looked up into the sky and said, “thank you Lord, for bringing back my childhood.” I became obsessed with collecting again. 

Oh, and by the way, this time I was full of money. Simply because I’m a grown ass man now. 

Fast forward to now, superhero movies and shows have become the norm. There are at least 4 high budget DC or Marvel movies a year, not to mention the dozens of shows in all types of networks all around the country and streaming worldwide. 

The standard of greatness…or is it? Credit:

I cannot complain. It is exactly what I prayed for that night after the Avengers movie. But they had become expected. To me, the excitement was just not there anymore.             

 Until there it was, a trailer that caught my attention more than most. “The Boys…”

“What in the bootleg world is this?” I thought to myself. 

The editing looked amazing. They were promoting it harder than most shows. 

I needed to watch this. At least to give it a chance. 

At least to catch a laugh. 

But did I have Amazon Prime? Ordering things for my son’s birthday party a month straight made me realize I surely better have Prime.

 So here it goes, I click on the show and the anticipation is there. The same jitters I’ve had from watching the first X-Men and Avengers movies were there. 

Within the first five minutes I instantly knew this was the show that would change things. This was the one that would jump start a new era of superhero shows. 

It was absolutely a breath of fresh air. There was nothing like it. 

It was absolutely a must watch if you are into anything that has to do with the comic book world. Even if you are not into them, the show is an absolute joy. It takes the normal basic plots that we have been accustomed to seeing into an uncomfortable type of high. 

As much as I want to spoil it for everyone, it is better if you just watch. You will surely not be disappointed. 

Sadly enough, I even caught myself cheering for Homelander and his team. As evil and corrupt as they were, all I could think about is, if we really had super-powered people here, this would be exactly how they would act and run the world. There would also be very few people to stop them. 

Imagine growing up knowing you are the most powerful person in the world. Growing up being experimented on and lied to by others. 

Of course, you would feel some type of way, especially being raised by the same monsters that have agendas to rule the world regardless. 

There is no doubt that Amazon Prime has found gold in making this show. So, with that said, the success of “The Boys,” and the first season under wraps, the only question left to ask is, “will everything else be an afterthought? 

Does Disney, Marvel, and DC have to step up their game?” Because I tell you this much, “The Boys” is here to stay for the long run.

 Fasten your seatbelts geek world, because we’re in for a hell of a ride. 


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