Remnant: From The Ashes is a Stunningly Well Polished Gem

Fluid Mechanics as Well as a Splendidly Digestible Story

By: Philip Sanzone

The graphical fidelity and atmospheric tactility is truly spectacular. Credit:

Remnant: From The Ashes is a stellar looking and feeling game. However although the dodging is fluid along with the weapon play, the storyline is kind of linear and a bit bland.

The game starts off with a cutscene showing the character paddling to a lighthouse. Waves overtake the little wooden row boat, washing this stranger upon the shore.

These things called the root get shown to the player during the prologue as a mini tutorial. This was well done and showed all the different mechanics at play as well as gun and melee interaction with the mouse; the way of switching between them is very intuitive with just hitting LMB to use melee and holding RMB to aim and fire weapon.

The meat and guts of this game is slightly grindy which includes rerolling into a more difficult world. When rerolling, the game changes itself but the plot itself does not change immensely.

In the sense each worlds unique cover, event, and loot provide the player with more unlockable content. Just by rerolling the world and exploring the ever changing blocks that make up the dungeons is intriguing.

The different types of gear and traits add another level of customization ability and also many different and unique character builds are present. Plus, friends can join each others games or even strangers’ public worlds. 

This gives people the option to see what others are up to, and can allow players to find new gear that their world didn’t have. Just the social interaction alone by trying to beat one boss, which takes about 3 hours is entertaining.

After getting the loot and piecing the story of this world together, the lore is interesting, but takes a lot of reading while puzzle solving remnants of the past.

This game has everything for all types of people who like mysteries and solving what happened to the Earth long ago. Players can look at each new world and find things of their pasts that leads back to Earth.

Enemies are also something to keep in mind since the design of them is well done and has a ton of flavor. Each of them have similar mechanics and attacks, but in differently executed and damaging ways.

While the spirit of each enemy is still shown through every world, the flavor of their culture disperses through each animation and weapon.

The dialogue and boss fights allow for the ethereal atmosphere of Yeasha. Every element of this game speaks through design language and the emensive loot as well as the challenges it possesses.

With all of this in mind, the game might not be for everybody.The game’s difficulty is still there, for people who don’t want to really put in the effort or just are really casual like Candy Crush kind of casual, it might be best to steer clear of this game.

It’s easier than “Dark Souls” and has enough difficulty and bosses where it doesn’t feel like sponges or bullet fodder. The adds in the game provide more of a challenge, while also being unique to the region, as well as having similar mechanics to other regions adds, but adding on top of them.

Overall, this game out of 10 is definitely a 9 star experience on top of the fact that they are adding even more content. 

This game will get better over time, but just keep everything in mind along with the difficulty level and the fact that it is still a grindy game. If there is no room in someone’s life for a grindy game, then it might not be wise to buy it now, but maybe when its on sale in the future.

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