Did 2K Sports step up with it’s latest NBA 2K game?

Another year of NBA 2K, something great or something lame?

By: Danny Cacace

These were the two cover athletes for NBA 2K20, Anthony Davis pictured on the
left and Dwayne Wade pictured on the right. Credit:

On September 6th, NBA 2K20 was released to the world. 

 Many fans of these games including myself were skeptical about this one coming out with all the hype surrounding it, and I’m here to tell you if this game is worth it.

 Over the past few years, the NBA 2K games had friends of mine and the online community saying “Trash” or “This game sucks.” With two weeks already into launch for the game, I will list what works and what hasn’t so far in this game.

 Since this game has a lot of expectations to meet, players expected a lot out of this one. This is due to the fact that the gameplay felt flat to a lot of the online community including myself. The fun was taken out of the game. 

The modes in NBA 2K, in the past few years and currently are PlayNow, MyTeam, MyCareer/The Neighborhood or what people like to call it “The Park”, and MyLeague/MyGM. Some of these modes have improved and some have stayed the same in this year’s game. MyTeam and The Neighborhood are the two most played modes in the NBA 2K games.

 In PlayNow, one can play with any NBA team and match up against one anothers NBA teams. In MyTeam, one collects cards in this mode to create the best team to their liking to match up against other opponents. 

 In MyCareer, one creates a player to be any basketball player position and they get to select two archetypes to create a player build to their liking; and they can play full NBA Seasons to help upgrade their player in each game. The Neighborhood is a local playground filled with basketball courts where players can play online together and against each other on the courts, a gym to workout in, and stores for player accessories to dress your character up.

 In MyLeague, one can select and control an NBA team to play full nba seasons with, and in MyGM, one can become the general manager of any NBA team they want to be in charge of. 

 PlayNow has added 6 new historic teams to its mode such as the 13-’14 Spurs, ‘13-’14 Clippers, ’15-’16 Cavs and three others. They have also added all-decade teams where the best players from each decade of the NBA are assembled into one team. 

Finally, the biggest new addition to this mode is now they added the WNBA into 2K. NBA Live was the first game to do so but NBA 2K is now on track with them including the WNBA for the first time in its game. 

 PlayNow has significantly improved with these new additions to this game.

 MyLeague/MyGM have shown no true improvements to the game. They kept the same layout of last year’s game to both modes and added nothing new for fans to explore with these modes. This leads to disappointment for fans of these modes.

  MyTeam kept the same format of last year’s game as well, and changed the layout for offline and online triple threat game modes and added a new way to win prizes in those game modes in MyTeam. There’s a new feature in the mode called card evolution where certain player cards in the mode have specific requirements to upgrade the card to its highest rating that the game allows it to be, and there are new challenges called Spotlight Challenges where there are challenges based on a specific NBA player’s career to win rewards after each game leading to a huge reward in the final game of the set of challenges for each NBA player. 

  MyCareer has a new well-developed story with an A-list cast, although the story was short, it was very enticing and gave a new perspective on an NBA player’s life in the NBA. The neighborhood has the same look as last year’s but will be more timely with their events this year according to their developers, and dribbling is my only true concern for the game as of right now. 

However, the game got back to it’s fun ways with each player build being useful for the most part this year.  Overall, NBA 2K20 is an 8 out of 10 for me as of right now.

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