Wrestling has finally gained some competition

All Elite Wrestling will be the new threat for the WWE

By: Salvatore Cento

Starting on October 2nd, wrestling companies will clash. Credit:

First, a string of pay-per-views, then Double or Nothing, then Fyter Fest, then Fight for the Fallen, and after that All Out is what the AEW has announced. The rumored next step by AEW would be to announce a TV show and they did. However, WWE could not leave that alone. 

 On July 24th, 2019, All Elite Wrestling, an organization that was thought up by Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, officially announced that their weekly television show would start airing on October 2nd from 8pm to 10pm on TNT. 

  A new episode would then premiere every Wednesday. Albeit not confirmed but found out later, the name of that show will be called Dynamite.

 Die hard fans of professional wrestling never thought that WWE, with its foothold in the business, considered AEW to be any sort of competition. But actions tend to speak louder than words and WWE came back in a very merciless way.

 Maybe the higher ups or Vince McMahon himself had resentment from his own wrestlers leaving or even just wanting to jump ship. Chris Jericho, a staple of Vince’s company for so long, is fully embracing the new entity with open arms by being a wrestler for them as well as an advisor. 

 Dean Ambrose, a well recognized name within WWE, suddenly appeared at the end of Double or Nothing, attacking the wrestlers in the main event. Even Shawn Spears, who was formerly known as Tye Dillinger within WWE, recently had a spotlighted feud with Cody Rhodes himself. 

 Not only that, but many wrestlers who are under contract and cannot stray for now are always teasing through some form of social media that they will find better endeavors someplace else. 

 The date was August 20th, 2019. Suddenly and without warning, an announcement is made by WWE. 

Almost exactly a month after AEW told the world they were coming to prime time television, WWE retaliates by declaring that NXT will make the jump from exclusively being on the WWE Network to USA on September 18th. 

  NXT is a show produced by WWE that showcases the talent that are in the WWE Performance camp as well as other talent that have been signed from smaller promotions. Episodes will air on that channel from that point on. The day the show will air will be on a Wednesday, and the time the show will air will be 8pm which will be the same as AEW’s show time. 

 Even if a fan wasn’t born yet to see the late 1990’s Monday Night Wars between WCW and WWF originally unravel, there are plenty of documentaries out there to tell them all about the chaos that ensued. Well, strap in your seatbelts because it seems that’s about to happen all over again.

 This is the first time in nearly 20 years that a wrestling company other than WWE has this much financial backing. A man named Tony Khan is one of the founders of AEW. He is the co-owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and the EFL championship team, Fulham F.C. 

 All Elite Wrestling has been proven to have systematic backing as well. Not only do they consistently pack arenas with the shows they have had, but they were brought on by lesser known stations such as AXS TV or beIN SPorts such as Impact Wrestling or Modern League Wrestling. Fresh out of being born, a TV network that everyone knows snatches them up and gives them a prime time slot.

 TNT was the network, not to mention that TNT was the same channel that hosted the now defunct company, World Championship Wrestling during the 1990’s war. Verizon Fios, USA and TNT are right next to each other in the guide which is something worth mentioning.

 Attacks have been made and lines have been drawn. My only hope is that this makes for better storylines, better entertainment and better wrestling in the long run. 

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