My Bed or My Class ?

Quick Tips for Waking Up for Class in the Morning

By: Ashley Martin

What a lack of sleep can do to you in class the next morning. Credit:

It’s difficult waking up for classes, especially when your body and the bed feel molded into one. But here are some tips that might make waking up in the morning a little easier. 

Firstly, make sure you set an alarm the night before, more than one if you like to hit that snooze button. Secondly, prepare your clothes and pack your bag the night before. 

It may sound juvenile but the shorter your morning process is, the more time you have to sleep. You also won’t be scrambling to get your belongings together. 

Don’t be that guy. Credit:

When you wake up in the morning avoid staring into space, contemplating your life decisions, avoid social media. If you must look at your phone to wake up, try limiting screen time to about five minutes. 

Scrolling through social media can delay your morning process and make you late. If you wake up and you’re still tired, try washing your face with cold water or taking a shower.

However, taking a shower during the night will save you time in the morning. 

Letting some natural light into the room will give you a boost of energy to start the day. Eating a sufficient breakfast is important to get the day started, such as coffee, muffin, bacon-egg-and cheese, fruit, or protein bar. 

Listening to your favorite songs or meditating while you get ready for class can drastically improve your mood as well. Starting the day by setting minor goals can motivate you to get up. 

You can also try waking up with a positive outlook for the day. If you think you might not have a good day you can always anticipate going home to your bed.    

Work hard but don’t forget to sleep well. Credit:

Overall, being able to simply wake up is reason enough to get out of bed. Being able to open your eyes, breath, and obtain an education are things we take for granted. 

Taking a moment to appreciate what you have can put you in a better mental space. But if all else fails, and you still can’t find the motivation to get up, you can always recite this mantra: “At the end of the day, I’m paying for it, so I might as well go.”

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