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Love on the Web is Possible

Are Online Dating Profiles Fast Tickets to Love?

By: Sidney Mansueto

“Giving flowers” over the phone. Credit:

Everyone wants to find love, and everyone wants to find it fast. This way of thinking gives a person the notion that they have found “the one” and are willing to settle down, just because they are in love. 

The idea of living the dream is just enough to make one’s heart flutter. Dating can be an exciting, and sometimes awkward, experience for many. 

First, there is the interest stage, and then comes the anxious stage. The advancements to modern technology has certainly turned dating and ways of communication into something else. 

Today in 2019, it is easier to talk through text rather than talk the traditional way, a la in person. More and more people with an interest in dating are finding themselves on a dating site instead of a park bench on a beautiful day. 

While many agree that online dating is fast and easy, others feel like it can be a risk. It should be one’s priority to set healthy standards and be self-aware when dating on the web.

 It should be important to be safe and be able to figure out who you are talking to. Do they want the same thing as you? 

Are they looking for a relationship or a quick hook up? This cuffing season, before you “slide into the DMs” or set up a profile on, you should really think about the pros and cons of online dating to see if it is really what you want. 

Online dating can be a nightmare for many people. As these types of sites rise in popularity, so does the capacity of users.

Today, it seems as if there are way too many “weirdos” and “freaks” out there. Most dating sites today look like a hang-out spot for people with unusual, endless quirks. 

One minute, someone could say “I love you”, whereas the time you meet in person, they could be the opposite of what they were online. 

Catfishing has become a common practice among people who want to take advantage of others, most noticeably naïve individuals, for their own selfish gain. One can run into some really sketchy people if they aren’t using the site appropriately, or violating the site’s rules and expectations. 

One thing is for sure, no one wants to be dating a possible serial killer. 

Many resort to dating websites because they, and social media in general, are a faster way to find a partner in the digital age. There are a lot of people in today’s world who are afraid to be without someone, and view love as something that can fulfill them and their needs. 

This new age form of courtship widens the dating pool for many, specifically young people. In the era where everyone owns a smartphone, it is possible everybody has a profile on a site like Tinder or Bumble. Sometimes, swiping right can come with consequences. 

Speaking from experience, dating sites did not really influence me to set up a profile and give somebody a heart, but their concepts have always fascinated me. What makes them so special compared to finding a partner in the real world?

 In my opinion, dating apps are nothing but a ballfield of trouble. I am not forcing anyone to agree with me or shut down their Tinder profile, I am just sharing my views on dating via social media.

 I will be honest though, I did have a dating profile at one point- but only for a personal social experiment. I used my free trial as a way to find out how many potential scammers I can find. 

Not surprisingly, most profiles I saw were quirky, sketchy looking individuals who were not looking for old fashioned dating at all. This was bothersome, as I had a moment where I was like “what is this world coming to?”

I also have a loved one who dated someone they met on The person had an annoying personality and zero redeeming qualities, which made them a living, breathing, walking red flag. 

While online dating looks faster and easier on the surface, it leaves behind a trail of many things, from red flags to false advertisement. Being caught up in a messy romance web can be a pain. It is important to have the brains to measure whether someone shares the same values as yourself, and not to date someone just because you do not want to be alone. 

When it’s on the internet, it’s forever. Be cautious this cuffing season, or you’ll end up miserable.


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