America’s Grandfather Bernie Sanders Debates After Heart Attack. When Does Age Hinder Political Success?

Decades Separate Young Voters And The Politicians That Are Calling On Millennials To Vote For Them.

By: Amanda Bengard

Voters question Sanders running at his age, but his policies are just too good. Credit: CBS news 1

In the wake of Bernie Sanders’ health scare, a statement released from his campaign earlier this month confirmed the 78-year old running candidate had received medical attention for a heart related injury. 

Sanders is back on the campaign trail only 2 weeks after his heart attack, reassuring Americans, at the most recent Democratic debate, that he is up to the stress that comes with being president despite new concerns. 

For the American people, it is reasonable to want to know how extensive Sanders’ condition was and to question his ability to remain healthy in office if elected. Although Sanders has been given the title “America’s Grandfather” by supporters, he is not the only elderly candidate running for office. 

Joe Biden 76, Elizabeth Warren 70, and our current President, Donald Trump 73, indicate our next president is likely to be pushing 80 before finishing a full term. 

Millennials ranging in age from 18-35 are now becoming a large political force with potential to reshape American politics in 2020. 

The question at large is how can the ideologies of aged political candidates ultimately benefit the youth of today and future generations, if the age gap between candidates and young voters is 40 to 50 plus years?

 In order to gain the interest of fellow CSI classmates who are likely to be voting for the first time, it must be convincing that politics is not just old men in suits spewing grand and hard to follow concepts. 

For example, Sanders has won over the youth with his radical views and devoted fight against oppression, perpetual warfare, and income inequality which lets affluent Americans rig our economic system to placate their wealth.

During his campaign, Sanders has been advocating for causes such as single-payer health care, racial, economic and climate justice, and most importantly for CSI students, free public college. 

Sanders is currently proposing funding to states and universities allowing the elimination of undergraduate tuition fees. This bill will also increase spending on work-study programs and federal grants that help low-income students with additional costs relating to housing, transportation and books. 

Democratic running mates address the crowd at the most recent Democratic debate. Credit: Breitbart.com

The cost of Sanders’ “College for All” plan is estimated to be $47 billion per year. At first that number might seem large, but the US is spending $1.25 trillion annually on war according to truthout.org

This means only a 5% reduction in our war-machine can fund “College for All.”

Therefore voting for a politician who promises to better use our national revenue, such as Sanders declares to do, will ensure a considerably better off nation. 

Last week on October 15th, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced that she will be endorsing Sanders for president in 2020 and plans to debut at his next rally in Queens. 

Cortez is the youngest woman ever to serve in the United States Congress at the age of 30, lending to the idea that millennials love and support Sanders.

Elizabeth Warren is fighting her way to the top of the tallest political ladder against a powerhouse line up. Steadily coming out with radical and comprehensive ideas, Warren’s policies also benefit the youth population with a similar plan to Sanders. 

Policies such as student debt relief and universal health care, with plans to fund these policies by taxing the ultra-rich. 

Biden served as vice president under the Obama administration for 8 years and much like Obama, who was his younger counterpart by 20 years, holds similar political values. 

Although Biden isn’t as popular with millennials compared to Sanders and Warren with their drastic and partisan approach, we can still count on Biden when it comes to a strong support for gay rights and government neutrality for women’s right to choose. 

Next November will be a race to the finish while politicians fight for their seat in the Oval Office. Early contests suggest baby boomer candidates are leading such as Biden, Sanders and Warren. 

It is probably true that some of the older running mates may not know what Snapchat is, however they are working to assemble policies for the betterment of future generations. 

In other words, the importance is not who is proposing what policy, but rather the benefit young people will gain from it.


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