Take Tomorrow With A Dose of Attraction

A Mentality I Stand By

By: Val Ramos

I strive to surround myself with successful people that want to see me succeed in turn. Credit: WallpaperUP

Attraction is the energy you focus on and the energy you want to receive back. Before tomorrow, send out a message to yourself.

“Tomorrow is going to be a great day”, “I wonder what tomorrow has in-store for me”, sends out the kind of energy to create another day filled with gratitude and positivity. 

When tomorrow comes you will receive that message back and you will feel it. We are spiritual beings. No matter what, you will always receive that focused energy back because that is what you’re attracting, whether it is excitement, passion, or bliss- it will translate to others.

The secret is that everything that comes into your life, you attract into your life. If you let it, it will direct you to the path you never saw coming. 

Try the “Yes! Theory” and step out of your comfort zone. In other words, try new things and open your eyes to new possibilities.

Don’t just “fake it till you make it.” Go out and get things done. 

Creating that mentality will help you map out your life’s journey. Life is short. 

What are you doing to make tomorrow and the next day a better one? You don’t have to do it all at once, take it slow, day by day, and see how the process works. 

Everyone is different.

Your thoughts and feelings create your life. Who knows, during the process you might even discover a new passion. 

You might ask yourself, “What am I becoming?” Just know its positive change that was there all along. You just had to believe in yourself to feel it. 

I recently took a survey to see where my maturity/mentality was before making a decision. Once I finished the survey I received my results. 

“You know how the world works and that you can’t always get what you want. But that has only made you emotionally stronger.

You’ve learned to pick your battles and spend energy where it matters. But there are still some struggles that you can’t avoid. 

Fortunately, you’re mature enough to handle it. Despite the few bad days you have, you’re generally happy with your life and are in a great place!”

I’ve never had a survey response hit so close to home before. Best believe after reading that I’ve been experiencing life in a whole different light. 

And to share something more, at a meeting I attended, Patty Pips said “My voice was not meant for everybody, it was meant for some.” 

And I felt that. It reminds me to always share my experiences with others in whatever I’m doing. But also lets me know that not everyone is going to take my message.

Thanks to attraction that message will come back to me. I strive to surround myself with successful people that want to see me succeed in turn. 

I want my life to prosper, I want to have a better future for myself, and I will make that happen. 

If I can motivate myself and maintain this mentality, you can too.

I want to share my motivation because there’s no better gift than making others smile in hopes of a brighter future.


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