Urban Exploring! Sounds Cool, Doesn’t It?

Explore Forbidden Areas If You Dare

By: Carlos Glick

City-based urban explorers frequent abandoned subway tunnels. Credit: NY Daily News

When you hear the term urban exploring, what comes to mind? If you think about exploring ancient or abandoned buildings, you are correct. You may also think this means exploring haunted places. 

According to Urban Dictionary, the term urban exploration is defined as “the act of going places you’re not supposed to go.”  

There are many YouTubers around the world that like to urban explore. For example, there are a few attractions that stand abandoned to this day. 

In Florida at Walt Disney World, there is a park called Discovery Island. It used to be a park that was open to the public, but years later the park was run down and eventually left abandoned. 

Many have successfully gained access to the island without getting caught, but others were caught and were unfortunately banned from Disney Parks.

Did you know that Nickelodeon Studios used to be at Universal Studios located in Florida, but then was closed down in the early 2000s? 

Shows like “All That” and “Legends of the Hidden Temple” were filmed there. Many YouTubers have snuck in and explored the studio’s surroundings. 

Urban Exploration Credit:

There are even places in New York City where many people have gone to urban explore. For example, one YouTuber named Andrew Wonder has explored a subway tunnel and the Williamsburg Bridge without getting caught. 

Wonder says that there are four things to watch for to avoid getting caught in a subway tunnel: do not hit the third rail, do not get hit by a train, stay hidden, and watch for motion detectors.

I haven’t tried to urban explore, but from the looks of it, it sounds super fun, adventurous, and even dangerous. 

As a matter of fact, there are places on Staten Island that could be great to urban explore. For example, what once used to be Seaview Hospital is abandoned in the woods. 

Heck, there are even buildings at the College of Staten Island that are not in use (to my knowledge). Around the perimeter of the campus lies long brick buildings. 

I hear those buildings were once the site of gruesome events. 

Seaview Hospital and the College of Staten Island both reside in the neighborhood of Willowbrook. 

Willowbrook could be the most haunted area on Staten Island, but Islanders have also noticed flickering lights and ghosts throughout Historic Richmond Town.

 I think it’s worth checking this area out, too.

One of these days I would like to explore the buildings beyond the fences of the campus and see what the Willowbrook State School used to look like. 

Urban exploring can be an exciting experience as long as you stay safe. You might just discover something new, if you don’t get caught first.


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