What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love

Weekly New York Times Column Made into Television Show to Commemorate 15th Anniversary

By: Amanda Bengard

Inside the Museum of Modern Love in Manhattan, New York. Credit:

Modern love is something all college students can relate to; it can range from the ups and downs of a relationship with the boy you met in biology class or the bond you share with your best friend since high school. 

Today we see more gay, interracial, and culturally diverse couples than ever before. Differences in relationships are definitely modernized, while love remains timeless. 

“Modern Love” is the title of a new rom-com streaming on Amazon Prime. Its trailer will have you singing “what the world needs now…”. Based on the weekly column published in The New York Times, this depiction of love is difficult, raw, and entirely romantic.

The weekly column and now television series has the workings of a full celebrity line up, bringing the Time’s most beloved stories to life. Stars include Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Andy Garcia, Dev Patel, John Slattery (Mad Men), Catherine Kenner (The 40-Year-Old Virgin) and even Ed Sheeran makes a witty appearance. 

The directorial work done by John Carney, and Emmy Rossum, who is also known as Fiona Ghallager in Showtime’s “Shameless,” leaves viewers with several perfect cliffhangers, only to tie everything together at the end. 

Hollywood’s heavyweights draw attention to the everyday struggles in the process of dating, specifically in a big city. Topics such as single motherhood, bipolar disorder, loss, unlikely friendship, age difference, cheating and reuniting act as the plot while we watch a new couple navigate through life and love each episode.

Moments from the 8-part anthology series will leave viewers with a sweet and wholesome feeling, other moments will have us guessing if love falls short.

Illustrations to match the article written in the New York Times – now an on-screen episode titled “At the Hospital, an Interlude of Clarity.” Credit:

In order to promote the new show, Prime video held an interactive exhibit in New York City called the Museum of Modern Love (MoML). On October 10th through October 13th, the museum showcased expressions of modern love while depicting the highs and lows of human connection by creating a tangible interaction to the storyline.

The NYC popup allowed guests to immerse themselves in the experiences of true love. There were installations like a collaborative map of love, a growing family tree where guests signed lover’s initials next to theirs, a couples therapy session and more. 

MoML featured collaborations with Fire TV, Amazon Wedding Registry, Domino and Entertainment Weekly. Anne Hathaway, Emmy Rossum, and a few other members of the highlighted event attended opening night. 

Inside the event couples, friends, and family members walked down a simulated aisle into the wedding studio that was flawlessly curated for the inspiration to any bride and groom-to-be. A mock table setting with colors of pink and periwinkle flower arrangements won the approval of even the most love sick New Yorkers.

Items such as dainty champagne glasses and kitchenware filled the shelves behind the table setting, capturing the essence of every couples dream registry. After all the infectious romance happening among the museum, patrons enjoyed a relaxing space known as the love nest – allowing for a cozy and intimate vibe while drinking La Croix and watching first looks of the show. 

Since its premiere on October 18th, Amazon has renewed the anthology series for a second season. After the news of season two, Carney states the possibilities are truly endless, with potential to branch out and dig deep into what it means to love in a complicated world.

Binge worthy – “Modern Love” falls under the must watch list for this year’s Thanksgiving break, if not sooner. Grab chocolate and tissues before experiencing the romance with a partner, family member, or otherwise comfortably alone. 

Audiences are guaranteed to relate while both laughing and crying. This is love at its absolute best, the good, the bad and the complex; the full story of love.


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