Humans of CSI

Behind the Scenes with Mitchell Lovell

A Driving Force in CSI’s Media Culture Department

By: Carlos Glick

Glick interviewing Lovell. Credit: Salvatore Cento

Mitchell Lovell is part of the Media Department at the College of Staten Island. Mitchell graduated CSI in 2014 from the Macaulay Honors Program. He majored in Cinema Studies and minored in Mathematics. 

Mitchell chose something that he knew he was going to enjoy studying. Lovell said, “Part of me thought I only had so many years to be on Earth, so I wanted to spend my last years on Earth doing something that I enjoy doing.” 

Lovell goes on by saying, “I wanted to study movies because I loved movies.” He knew he had always wanted to become an author because he liked storytelling. 

However, he didn’t like to read, which was a big deal. “You can’t become a writer if you don’t like to read.” 

At some point while Lovell was in high school, he wanted to pursue video and/or filmmaking. When Lovell was applying to college, he made sure he was applying to places that had such programs. 

Part of Lovell’s role here at CSI is that he is a College Lab Technician (CLT). So, he does a lot of CLT’s on campus. 

What a CLT does is that they make sure that students have access to the technology that they need in order to study and research. One thing Mitchell does is he facilitates the labs and make sure that equipment is circulating so students have access to it, and are prepared to use the equipment as well. 

It means making sure that things are working, things are fixed that need to be fixed, everything is ready, present, and set up when they need to be set up safely.

 In certain classroom settings, he will set up different camera rigs and tutor some students in how to edit software. Sometimes, he will even install software as need be.

 He says “some of it is fun and some of it is computer work. Purchasing things is a big part of it because they need to make sure that the college is up to date on all the equipment that students can use.”

Due to his CLT position, he responds to a Senior CLT. He answers to a chairperson and he also has to meet the requests of our production and design faculty, which includes the Cinematography and the Digital Designs faculty. 

He has to make sure they have a printer that works and that there is a camera inside every classroom. Lovell has to make sure those things are in place at all times.  

Lovell has expressed a new interest and it is the wonderful world of zines. Zines is short for magazines and is any independently produced publication. 

It could look like a pamphlet, a magazine, a little booklet, or card. It’s anything independently done and by nature, zines are shared, collected and are sent out into the world. They were really popular in the 80’s and 90’s. 

To continue on his wonderful new hobby of zines, he says “The role of a zine has been taken over in some part by viral email, or image macros or all sorts of wonderful internet stuff.” The world of zines is really for enthusiasts. 

For example, if you are enthused about any sort of subject, topic, movement or issue you can create a zine about it, share it, collect it and read other people’s zines. Lovell says that if anyone is interested in picking up a zine, they are available in building 1P-122. 

Overall, Lovell is a positive, outgoing person that makes the Media Department shine.


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