Humans of CSI

Dear the College of Staten Island, You’re Halfway There…

A New Student Expresses Her Feelings Towards CSI

By: Ashley Martin

Tania Jean-Louis. Credit: Ashley Martin

Tania Jean -Louis, 20, is a new full time transfer student who, at this point in the semester, is underwhelmed with the efforts put forth by the College of Staten Island. 

After completing two years at Suffolk County Community College, Tania embarked on the journey to continue her education. She had hopes on being a part of a different campus environment while maintaining her relationship. 

Suffolk County Community College is a commuter school, where students were constantly bustling through the buildings. There weren’t any housing facilities, people weren’t very interactive, and there wasn’t a place similar to building 1C, where information about events on campus or clubs are readily available to students. 

“This school [The College of Staten Island] goes out of their way to market a sense of community to students,” Tania states. She was very optimistic and proceeded to take a tour of the campus before making a decision. 

“They sold me,” Tania jokingly states as she mentions that the tour guide really helped her come to a conclusion. “There’s a lot of clubs, and options and the ability to network.”

And although Tania isn’t in any clubs, at the moment, she is considering joining the LGBTQ or Anime club. As the LGBTQ club would allow her to learn more about her identity while being comfortable in a space with similar individuals. 

Anime was a staple in Tania’s childhood and she states that she “binge watch[es] a sh*t ton of anime” like Tokyo Ghoul, Black Butler, and Full-Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, so she’ll fit right into the anime club. 

Tania is a shy, anxious, introvert who doesn’t let that stop her from pushing herself to become a better person. Being a member of the Dolphin Cove community has allowed her to open up and make friends.

“During the summer I isolated myself, no work, no school, just me and my cat, says Tania. I like dorming… I got to know you guys and make friends but if I had the option to live alone I’ll probably be my own friend.”

Being a resident, Tania noticed how disorganized and money hungry CSI really is. During the first week of school, students were welcomed with themed lunches like Taco Tuesday or Chinese food but that was short lived and ended by week two. 

Tania has also noticed that most buildings on campus are in need of repair, however the tuition and cost to rent an apartment at Dolphin Cove is stupendously high.

“Where is our money going?” Tania angrily states as we both sit across from each other in confusion. She continues to state that during the school power outage that took place on Sunday September 22,  she received no information from the school until Monday. 

“When the power was out they told us nothing… I know many students were confused, frustrated, and scared because the power went off in the middle of the night, nothing’s working, and no one’s saying sh*t. The school would send you an update about a past due bill but won’t inform you on actual important stuff.”

With a look of disappointment, Tania states that, “the way the school handled stuff my first month here, set the tone for my expectations of the school, and it’s not high. I had a lot of hope.” 

In the beginning Tania believed that the school was amazing and that she’ll love it here but now “there lack of effort shows.” She expects a lot especially with how much money we give the school. 

“ I love the community and it’s diversity but CSI you can do better.” After receiving some advice from a soon to be graduate, Tania will remember to be selfish and utilize all the resources the school has to offer because it’s all for you.


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