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Life is Full of Opportunities

Andrilenny Tronilo Strives to Succeed

By: Val Ramos

“I surround myself with people that want to see me succeed … I want them to teach me how to get it.” Credit: @andrilenny__

At the age of 19, Andrilenny Tronilo has already accomplished her dream. Andrilenny is a student here at the College of Staten Island studying International Business with a passion to travel around the world. 

She is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, arriving here with a purpose. Lenny came here to the US at the age of nine accompanied by her father. 

At such a young age, she expressed how difficult it was for her to come into the United States without her mother present. 

As she was growing up she saw it as an opportunity and realized that this was her new home. She is grateful for her family whom have given her this opportunity, education, and a new path she is going to walk on. 

She feels that she owes her parents everything for bringing her here. 

Andrilenny has become an independent woman with a drive to succeed and a mindset of life that is limitless. Andrilenny is extremely grateful for the opportunity she has been given, and is able to set goals for herself. 

Ms.Tronilo is now 19 years young, is paving her path of a better future.

Andrilenny Tronilo has a passion for traveling and business. Credit: Andrilenny Tronilo

She is a goal setter, seeking more opportunities to impact others’ lives. What she does and how she does it tells you that she is not just doing it for herself but for others to help individuals get to where they want to be. 

Every person I’ve spoken to in our team speaks highly of her. How did she do it? 

Andrilenny started to surround herself with people that are successful and as she told them what her goals are, they asked for her W’s (her why’s). No one can accomplish anything without a reason, and she had a reason which were her parents who have done so much for her. She wanted to repay them, and in doing so, she has built a career for herself and is doing what she loves. 

She recently went to the 2019 Forex & Cryptocurrency Expo located in Dallas,TX  with her Forex team. It was such a remarkable experience for her because now that she was able to get a taste of what traveling and business felt like which ultimately was the whole reason went to college for.

Now, is school even worth her time?  She is grateful that she even got the opportunity to get this far in her education. But the fact that she already has accomplished her dream of traveling has become a reality, she finds herself lost as to what college actually means to her now. 

2020, is looking good for her and I’m positively sure yours could be too. 

“I am 19 years old, and I joined this platform nine months ago.” Andrilenny has made her dream a reality. 

There is a message here. If you have a dream, don’t be afraid to go after it because dreams are not just meant for our sleep but to recognize our true inner desires. 

I am proud to call her my mentor, leader, influencer, business partner, and the next Chairwomen of our team (Enterprise). She’s worked so hard and it shows. 

Her next move with this business is going to London with her team in February 2020 to meet with 6-7 figure earners. This is her success story and it’s just the beginning.


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