Humans of CSI

A Volunteer for CSI and a Voice for the Dead

Roseanne Cassar is a Vessel for Those Who have Passed Away

By: Salvatore Cento

Roseanne Cassar has learned a lot from life. A lot from the other side, too. Credit: Roseanne Cassar

At 41 years old, Roseanne Cassar is still far from doing anything an adult that age usually does. But her motto is still “I’m Mama. I make things happen.”

And Cassar does. Not only graduating from the College of Staten Island in May of 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in English Writing and a minor in American Sign Language, she also dedicates herself to the college by volunteering for The Banner. 

“It’s my second passion. I love to write. It feels important to me to be creative using words. Hopefully by being here, I will have the best opportunity to find a really terrific job.”

But most of all, she declares herself a mother who makes things happen because she has a gift not known by many here at the college. 

“I had my gift established to me by an ex co-worker’s wife. His wife is also a natural born psychic.” 

Cassar says that she started showing signs of having an otherworldly ability when she was three years old. 

“[The wife] confirmed that at the age of 3, I was in fact communicating with a little girl that passed away in the apartment that I was living in at the time.” 

Besides communicating, Cassar also receives visions and can heal with her hands, “kind of like Reiki Healing.” 

She believes she has the abilities of an empath – “I can feel people’s energy.”

She receives loved ones in three different ways. Feeling the presence, seeing them in all white, and then seeing them in color. 

“I receive Spirit’s messages like vibe sensations and then those sensations turn into words. I also never add or take away from a message. I am all about being 100% accurate with my readings.”

Starting in December of 2015, she decided that she was not going to sit idle and waste her gift. “I was told and convinced by my colleagues whom I associate with that it was time for me to go into business.” 

And thus, her brand was born. New York’s Intuitive Medium. 

With a realistic handle on the marketing side of things, Cassar says, “right now it’s tough because I’m still trying to make a name for myself.”

With such a prospect in mind, Cassar has both good and bad days. On good days, she has given more strength to those who are praying for their loved ones. 

On the other hand, she is more prone to skeptics than ever before. “Some people have the nerve to say that you are wrong or they just don’t want to pay for the service, but I have no reason/nor would I ever get a message from a Spirit that is wrong or a lie.”

Strangers have not been her only critics. Members of her own family struggle to accept her gift. 

“I have never had my closest family member’s support regarding the fact that I was born with the gifted ability. I do think though that they’ll come around when I’m extremely successful and by then it will be too late.”

There is an extra twist with what Cassar does. Perusing her Facebook page, she makes it a priority to incorporate her minor into her gift. 

“Through ASL, I have widened my eyes to see a full picture of how important it would be for them to participate in events so I will be certain that at my gatherings there will be ASL interpreters. It always felt important to me to do that for them.”

Cassar continues to write for the Banner. She continues to read aloud for those who can no longer speak into our world. 

She doesn’t give up on herself in the pursuit of writing, and most certainly doesn’t give up on those who want to make something known to the ones they left behind.

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