Humans of CSI

Pablo photographs landscape, even pornography

A fascinating unforgettable experience

By: Brenda Garcia

A man taking a picture of a landscape. Credit:

When Pablo Tena discovered that he could make one week’s salary in two hours, he jumped for joy. “I asked what kind of shooting?,” asked Pablo Tena. 

“I want you to shoot my boyfriend and I having sex.”

 It started when Tena was at a party with a friend of his. He had just finished work and decided to enjoy himself from a long stressful day. Tena did not plan to stay for very long, since he has school and work the next day.

Tena was confused when he was asked to shoot a pornography for a stranger he just met.

 He laughed and said no, they exchanged numbers and kept in touch. 

The strange woman said it was her three year anniversary with her boyfriend and she wanted it to be special. After much consideration, Tena finally decided to skipp school that day to take the pornography photoshoot for the couple. 

He had no trouble missing school since he was already passing all his classes.

 Tena had to travel from Brooklyn to Manhattan, and on the entire ride there, he was debating how he could possibly get himself out of this job.

 He arrived at an appointment that belonged to the women who hired him at the

party. She was not embarrassed at all with the revealing outfit she had on and he knew that this was going to happen.

“It was the day they invited me over,” Tena said. “I walked in and they gave me $400 up front.” 

The couple handed him a memory card of 64GB and wanted the card back without any

edits when the photoshoot was over. Tena felt disgusted with what he has to see that day. 

During the photoshoot Tena had on his headphones to block out the noise because he didn’t want to hear anything.

Tena remembers very well that they had to take several breaks because the couple felt

uncomfortable. In the in-between breaks, he would eat a sandwich until they would let him that they were ready.

Tena never photoshot people before, his main focus has always been the peaceful view of landscapes. He started photography at age eighteen, and was asked to do this job when he had very little experience with photography.

He does not plan on making any more porno photoshoots for anyone, unless they offer to

pay a large amount of money. He does not regret any of it; Tena believes that it was a great

opportunity for him to gain knowledge and to improve his learning skills. It was a way for him to

get out of his comfort zone and to try new things.

After his experience with the pornography photoshoot he told no one about it, not even any of his close friends. He was still unsure if he made the right decision that day. 

Tena knows that it was a win-win on both sides. Both sides of the coin got what they wanted at the end of the day.

At the end of the photoshoot session, Tena wanted to invest it on a brand new camera with high definition, so after the photoshoot, he went straight to Best Buy to do just that.


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