Humans of CSI

Angela Ramos Has Game When it Comes to Being an Administrative Assistant

An Organizer and Problem Solver 

By: Kyle Forbes

Angela Ramos knows about the life of an administrative assistant.

Angela Ramos, a CSI administrative assistant, describes her career as a rewarding experience. Ramos has been working as an administrative assistant for nearly 30 years. 

Right after high school, she took a course to get a secretary job. Back then, she learned about MultiMate (similar to Microsoft Word) and Lotus 123 (similar to Microsoft Excel).

This coursework landed Ramos her first job. She is now a sociology and psychology major and is currently taking english and computer science courses in the fall semester of 2019. 

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree, Ramos hopes to enter the MALS (Master of Liberal Studies) program. 

Ramos likes to help people. To Ramos, it’s rewarding to help someone or be a part of a team. The administrative assistant job offered a quick certification.  

She also likes to organize and problem-solve. So, the administrative assistant role best suited her interests. 

Ramos received awards when she worked at Paramount Pictures. She was an executive assistant to the eastern division manager who oversaw different offices.  

Ramos oversaw cashiers (not retail cashiers) in the film industry who estimate the tentative gross of a movie during the weekend.  

Ramos created a spreadsheet that linked to a shared folder so the cashiers could plug in their numbers and the supervisors could access them quickly.  

Her spreadsheet was acknowledged by California’s main office and used throughout the company. 

Yes, Ramos likes to help people and problem-solve. Ramos also loves crossword puzzles, logic wooden puzzles, and other puzzles. 

The current CSI administrative assistant feels satisfied for guiding people in the right  direction. 

Every worker has a challenge in the workplace. Time management is a challenge that Ramos is learning to perfect.  

Secretaries and administrative assistants get pulled in many different directions. Ramos must look at the middle of the list to prioritize. 

She also must take things off the desk such as due dates, time-sensitive issues, and things related to the provost, dean, and supervisor at the college. 

Ramos enjoys eating peanut butter and a banana at work. Ramos likes the protein and potassium, and it is not a heavy snack. She is also a “Bustelo-girl” and prefers coffee over tea. 

Right after class, two to three days a week, Ramos is at the library. The energy from the peanut butter gets her through the day and evening.

Ramos’ first day of work was hard. Her previous job was at Baruch College, where she worked in payroll and human resources. 

The dual major student never worked in an academic environment at the time.

Ramos and her chairperson at the time learned about the processes and protocols related to their jobs. Beginning work at CSI was a learning curve. 

Ramos looks forward to commencement. Seeing a student graduate, begin a new job, or enter a master’s degree program is rewarding for her. 

Christmas is Ramos’ favorite time of the year, but not because of the gifts. She catches up on her administrative duties during this time. 

Ramos heard of the CSI job while working at Baruch and applied for a transfer. She was interviewed and received the job soon after.

She was unfamiliar with sociology until she began working in this department at CSI. 

Caring, resourceful, and patience are the characteristics of an administrative assistant, Ramos says. 

Ramos believes that if you make a person feel good, they’ll remember that feeling. The secret to success is to make decisions from past experiences. 

To Ramos, experience is gained by making mistakes. 

If the CSI administrative assistant job was a movie, A Day In the Life of a Gittleson (a CUNY word for administrative assistants) would be the name.

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