Humans of CSI

Different Environments, Same Goals and Ambitions

Doshi Rahman’s Ever Changing Life

By: Sammy Quarrato

Rahman’s life is inspiring to those who had to adjust to different environments growing up.

Changing environments is a subject in life that makes most individuals, at the very least, uncomfortable. Now, imagine moving once and then again.

Not only that but imagine moving to three locations that have different cultures alongside different climates.

Doshi Rahman is a college senior that attends the College of Staten Island. At 23 years old, she is majoring in International Studies, with a double minor in Political Science and Sociology.

She joined Student Government because she wanted to “give back to a community that has helped [her] grow into the person [she is] today.”

This may seem somewhat common to the naked eye, but when you look into the history of Rahman, it wouldn’t make sense for her to dedicate so much to a community that she didn’t always have in her life. 

She is willing to sacrifice her time and help do a job that most people would shy away from.

Proof of this is that she is not a native Staten Islander. “After moving back from Bangladesh, I basically had to start my life over. It wasn’t easy but throughout my college journey I have met extremely helpful people. I made friends, got involved with student life and built a home on campus.”

She essentially rebooted her life, started on a clean slate, and made the hard but right decision of giving to a community where “being a Student Government Senator has helped me with my own personal growth, from public speaking to networking. 

The extra curricular activities are a vital role in a person’s life and I believe that if I can even slightly motivate someone to do better, then it’s a huge success in my part.”

She didn’t come here with the skills that she has now. Instead, she learned and improved those skills to not just better her own life, but to better others. Better people means a better community for all of us.

Before moving from Bangladesh to New York, she was originally in Oklahoma. “Oklahoma is a much quieter, more suburban, oh and definitely cheaper place,” she says.

“I wouldn’t live there anymore but I’m glad my childhood was spent there because I actually had one … It’s hard to have a life like that in New York.”

There might be a small number of people thinking about why they should care that someone like her is part of Student Government. It’s quite simple actually.

Rahman explains, “Student Government is a vital part of a college community, especially for a CUNY system where things aren’t regulated in the most efficient way … SGA is the advocacy body, it is the bridge between the students, faculty members and professors.

We speak and are closely connected to the President … I don’t think one example would suffice the hard work that goes behind being an advocate.”

Rahman’s journey is a story that should inspire those who are new to a community, environment, or an ever changing situation. Just know that you’re not alone and that you can succeed.


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