A King’s Legacy Questioned

Is Lebron James’s Reign Atop the Mountain Over? Think Again

By: Lorenzo R Martinez

It is not about chasing a shadow with the number 23 anymore; when it is all set and done, there won’t be a shadow bigger than his. Credit: Clutch Points

 It is now year seventeen for Superstar athlete Lebron James in the NBA. Rewriting the history books in year seventeen is something that may not ever be done again, and yet Lebron James is doing it with ease. 

            Coming out of high school, everyone in the media world, and even early fans like myself knew this young sensation was going to be a star. If you would have told them he would not only become one of the greatest players ever, but in the conversation of being the greatest player of all time, they would probably have laughed to the ground. 

So here we are today…If I have not said it yet, if you have not heard it yet, let me be the first of a select group to say it out loud, “Lebron James is the greatest player of all time.” Forget the fact that the overall statistical numbers will surpass everyone in history. 

Forget the fact that he is the only player with the most points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks in a lengthy playoff series of both teams. Forget the fact that he is the only player to lead his team to an NBA championship from being down 3-1 to an all-time record setting rival team. 

I am saying this because of the simple “eye test.” 

Many people will always have Michael Jordan as their G.O.A.T (greatest of all time), and understandably so. I get the fact that the “media-era” grew up idolizing MJ, so they will forever have that loyalty of never dethroning their childhood idol. Well so did I. 

The difference between them and myself is simple though. I take everything into account when I compare the 2 GOATS of the basketball world. 

The thing that most Lebron biases go for, is the six unblemished championships that Michael has over Lebron’s three. But the game is not just measured in championships. 

In MJ’s era, the game was much slower, and filled with far lesser talent, so this made an athletic God made talent like MJ dominate like we have never seen before. And believe me, it was a magical thing to watch. 

But watching Lebron these current 17 years dominate like only he has, watch him succeed from his failures, and succeed in a league that has a super-star in almost every team, has been beyond fascinating.

I believe what makes it that much more special is that he is doing it in year seventeen still. Most athletes that have survived this long are either bench players, or on their way out of the league. For him to be doing what he does on the level he is doing it in, is a testament to his greatness. 

He is on pace to becoming the NBA’s Most Valuable Player for the fifth time in his career. If that were to happen, he would be the first to ever do it in a seventeenth season. 

With every game he becomes closer and closer to surpassing the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the all-time leading points record. We are truly watching history being written each time he touches the floor. 

Lebron James is also an icon outside of the NBA. The things he does for his youth and his society as a cultural icon is beyond anything most have done in sports history, joining the likes of athletes like Muhamad Ali and Jim Brown, that have fought for social justice being the greatest of athletes in their time. 

Lebron James is a man that every kid should aspire to be. Instead of people using their outlets to quickly dethrone him, or complain about why he will never be as good as Michael Jordan, they should just sit back, and enjoy the greatest show that we will ever see in the modern era of basketball. And possibly, ever.


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