Sex and Relationships

Hey, Are You An Artists’ Muse?

The Relationship Between A Muse and An Artist 

By: Kyle Forbes

Was A Music Artist A Muse for Your Previous Artwork or Work of Literature? Credit:

A male poet will have an inspirational “main chick.” A “main chick” is another way of describing their muse.  

Poets will not always want to give up their interest towards their romantic muse. At some point, in a real relationship, a male poet will put their interest for their muse first. 

A muse, as a noun, means a person who is a source of artistic inspiration. A muse can be a source of “inspiring fluid” required to inspire the poet to make later work. 

The artist will want to learn everything there is to know about their chosen muse. 

The artist desires to know everything about their muse. 

Most muse/artist relationships involve a sexual connection. Such a connection can keep the relationship between the muse and artist together. 

A muse can allow an artist to focus and to have a stable inspirational relationship. The relationship can possibly last forever. 

 Or the relationship can lead to miscommunication, gossip, jealousy, or even envy. On the other hand, the relationship can continue its course as if nothing happened. 

A male poet can be the lover of a female poet. The two can be together for three years and the male poet can write about the female poet for three years. 

The female poet can be dealing with self-esteem issues and an addiction to work. Such a self-esteem issue and an addiction to work can occur while being with the male poet.  

The male poet can leave the female poet for another lover and muse. That previous lover and muse can suddenly deal with boredom and depression.  

Being a muse towards a poet/artist can be a “health-scare” since the muse can be replaced. 

According to, the muse doesn’t come to a male writer when he is thinking of her or wanting her. The muse doesn’t want the attention from anyone then.  

The muse comes to the male writer when the male writer is busy loving someone else. 

One foul word can send your muse leaving. The muse can then go to another artist who is ready to fully care for her. 

The muse won’t let the male artist love for her leave.  

They demands the artist’s childhood moments and feelings. The muse wants to know and experience seeing the male artist truths.  

The muse wants the experience of really knowing the male artist. When the male artist and his soul are together, the muse can interrupt. 

When the connection between the muse and the writer begin, the writer can experience being alive and the feeling of love. 

According to a 1999 study on PubMed, the experience of love can cause the bodies levels of serotonin to drop. Serotonin allows the person to experience a calmer, focused, and clearly thought out mind.  

Being in love with your muse can provide the artist the creativity needed to complete a project. 

According to a study from the Universe of Amsterdam, love can allow a person to develop a global, big-picture mentality. Such an experience after loving a muse can allow the male artist to experience an actual, long-term attachment to a woman.  

The same experience can allow the artist to think in a more creative, unusual way. 

A muse can make it easier to complete a work of art. 




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