Winter Break Escape

Fun, Festive Activities to Celebrate the Holidays

By: Brooke Price

Six Flags Great Adventure gets ready for “Holidays in the Park.” Credit:

Looking for an escape from school after the fall semester ends, and want to plan a staycation for the holidays? Well, maybe you should consider a trip to New Jersey or Pennsylvania for a festive getaway. 

Six Flags Great Adventure goes all out for the holidays during “Holidays in the Park.” The event is held on select days from November 16th until January 1st

During “Holidays in the Park,” holiday lights are placed all around the park and special characters, shows, and foods are introduced for the holiday season. 

Some new characters that make a special appearance at the park include the Evergreen Queen, the Peppermint Princess, the Snow Queen and King, Poinsettia Princess, Santa and Mrs. Claus, toy soldiers,Santa’s elves, and reindeer. Of course, traditional characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Tweety Bird are present, sporting scarves and earmuffs for the cold weather.

After meeting some unique characters, guests can see some festive shows to get into the jolly mood. “Holiday Magic: A Celebration of the Season” is a show where lights are displayed on a 52- foot Christmas tree in the center of the park and are synced up to holiday music. “Frost” is an acrobatic show that also features stunts and illusions that center on a holiday theme. 

There are new foods to try for the holiday season. In S’mores Village, guests can use the s’mores fire pits to stay warm and make their own sweet treat. Another cool confection is the Christmas inspired funnel cakes.

Hershey Park welcomes the holidays. Credit:

Hersheypark is another exciting place to visit during the holiday time. Hersheypark has an event called “Christmas Candylane” where 4 million holiday lights are hung up around the park. 

“Christmas Candylane” takes place select days from November 15th until January 1st.

The Hershey characters are all bundled up this holiday season. Guests can meet their favorite candies such as Reese, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey’s Kisses, and the Hershey’s Bar all decked out in winter attire. Guests can also visit Santa at Santa’s Candy Cottage.

Some festive shows include the light show, “NOEL” where over 250,000 lights are synced up to Christmas music. There are four varieties of this show.  

“The Littlest Tree” is another show about Carl the Elf trying to find the right family to receive his Christmas tree, the littlest tree on the lot, for Christmas. 

Hersheypark has “Santa’s Reindeer Stable” which houses 9 reindeer; Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph that guests can admire. There is also an ice skating rink called “Rudolph’s Skating Pond” where guests can ice skate. However, there is a $3 charge for rental skates and no personal skates are allowed. 

Hersheypark also has “Hershey Sweet Lights” where guests can either drive or take a trolley ride through a trail decorated with bountiful lights to resemble different holidays.

Over 600 lights are used during the “Hershey Sweet Lights” as they are set up over a 2 mile trail for guests to drive through. 

The “Holly Jolly Trolley” is a fun experience where guests board a trolley as they drive through the incredible light display. Guests can join in on caroling and Christmas stories and even try some delicious Hershey’s candy as they enjoy their experience. 

Six Flags Great Adventure and Hersheypark are two exciting places to travel to during the holiday break. In addition to riding the rides at the amusement parks, guests can also get into the festive mood and have a memorable and fun experience.


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