Where Were You When Crisis On Infinite Earths Started?

Looking into the CW’s Six Series Crossover, Starting with “Supergirl”

By: Salvatore Cento

It’s the end of the . . . worlds. Credit:

The first part of the five episode crossover saga “Crisis on Infinite Earths” started last night with a brand new episode of “Supergirl,” and boy, did this deliver.

Just a few minutes into the start and we had Robert Wuhl from the 1989 Batman movie appearing, Robin and Hawk showing up and then apparently being obliterated from “Titans” which is exclusively on the DC Universe app, as well as The Ray and an explosive “Holy Crimson Skies of Death!” from Burt Ward which who played Robin in the 1966 live action Batman television series.

We do have the honor of getting numerous cameos and spots, but with the good moments comes the bad moments as well. Shortly after getting viewers more hyped than they were before with all the linkage made to other worlds and times, Supergirl’s mother is suddenly evaporated as well as all of Argo City.

In addition, to casually lead up to the most upsetting of all the moments in this episode, after Oliver passes the torch onto his daughter by giving her her own costume, he makes a final stand against the Shadow Demons. Before I get into anything else, I know I wasn’t the only one who noticed that these bad and evil creatures were just name dropped without a second of time given to their scientific backing. In a world or should I say worlds where everything has their background explained, that part kind of irked me. 

Anyways, he’s all by himself and without a bow and arrow. This would ultimately and unfortunately, lead to his death.

While I was saddened by this along with many other viewers, the overall scene was a bit empty. This moment had been the pivotal point this whole season for Arrow as well as one of the main draws for this crossover event. 

This leaves me to question if this is a false flag of sorts. Perhaps a second, more impactful, and meaningful dismissal would cure this mistake.

When the red sky slowly but surely tightens its grip on Supergirl’s earth, The Monitor makes his way around the universe to collect our favorite superheroes. Arrow and his daughter, Mia, Flash, Batwoman, and for some odd reason (hopefully this is just for now), Sarah and Ray from “Legends of Tomorrow.”

The episode ends with the harsh realization coming forth that only one billion people were rescued in comparison to the three billion that populated Earth 38 before it succumbed to the antimatter wave.

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” is only one fifth of the way through and numerous planets are already destroyed and the canonical facts that go with them as well as many characters are already unprecedented. This is like I said before, the first episode out of four more.

There was a new “Batwoman” episode on December 9th at 8pm as well as a brand new episode of “The Flash”, which premiered on December 10th at 8pm on the CW. After a little bit of a midseason (or mid-arc) break, everything will return on January 14th, 2020 with a new episode of “Arrow” – same time and same place. With this episode, we will finally come to find out if Oliver is truly dead or not.

Then, on that same day, “Legends of Tomorrow” will round out the Crisis saga with their season premiere.

If you are a die hard or even casual fan of DC, you just can’t miss what is happening right now on the CW channel with “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Your favorite DC superhero shows will be changed forever.


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