49th Black and Latinx Legislative Caucus in Albany

Elected Officials from New York give conferences to CUNY students, as well as the CUNY Chancellor

By: Jolie V. Gutierrez

Chancellor Felix V. Matos Rodriguez giving a speech at the CUNY luncheon in Albany, New York during the 49th Legislative CAUCUS. Credit: Jolie Gutierrez & Stephane Duviella

The 49th legislative conference conducted by The New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, Inc. was held on February 15th. Their mission is to empower young people of color with their education and their knowledge, making it a perfect conference for CUNY students to attend. 

Senator Zellnor Myrie for District 20, based in Brooklyn, also attended the conference and was very vocal on young students becoming leaders through their advocacy, although sometimes their voices aren’t heard because of low opportunities to speak directly to their leaders.

“CUNY students are proving that idea wrong,” said Myrie. “Saying no, we will advocate, we will be present, we are here and we’re expecting results.”

The New York Civil Liberties Union Rally on sex education and metal detectors in schools represented by different CUNY students. Credit: Jolie Gutierrez & Stephane Duviella

A student trustee for The City University of New York and University Senate Chairperson, Timothy Hunter was vocal on issues of student engagement and civic engagement. Being a CUNY student himself, he understands the struggles that CUNY students go through when it comes to graduating and getting involved on campus. 

“Getting involved and civically engaged allows you to understand the narrative of the context of the democracy we’re living in from a student’s perspective,” said Hunter. “It allows you to become a contributor to the social enhancement of our communities after you graduate from college.”

CUNY students’ part of the Ernesto Malave Leadership Academy after hearing Felix V. Matos Rodriguez at the CUNY luncheon. Credit: Jolie Gutierrez & Stephane Duviella

At the CUNY luncheon speakers included Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Chancellor of CUNY, Felix V. Matos Rodriguez. Although Mayor de Blasio couldn’t actually speak because of health issues, Chancellor Matos touched upon CUNY issues pertaining to budget, CUNY students working together, and why he believes this caucus is important for CUNY students. 

“It is a great opportunity for our students to come participate and have their voices heard among elected officials,” said Matos. “The elected officials have so much respect for the voices of the students.”


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