It’s Time-To-Shine-Week For The Auditioners

CSI’s Got Talent Show Spotlight

By: Roseanne Cassar

The judges of this year’s CSI Got Talent Show. Credit: Roseanne Cassar

The College of Staten Island started their auditions for this year’s CSI’s Got Talent show.  It was a great honor and privilege to witness the diverse talent that CSI has to offer. 

The Williamson Theatre was filled with high positive energy, excitement, and plenty of different faces to meet.  It was an absolute pleasure to meet with every single person who took the time and gave it their all on the days that they auditioned. 

Introducing the auditioners who recently auditioned in the first round in the talent show:

Their names are Sheri, Carlos Glick, Victoria Curran, Neethu Jose, Nirvanna Moses, Shanice Rodriguez, Arnold Lopez, Alyssa Falcone, Keniell Scott, Muhammad Abbas,  Raquel Bartocci, Neamah Matani, Marlene Gomez, Stephanie Lara, Elizabeth Nieto, Tony Aye, Ryan Berkowitz, Christian Nathaniel, and Rossana and Shanon Johnston.  

At the auditions, there were many different acts to look forward to watching. While there were many vocalists, other acts included a vocal impersonator and a magician.

I spoke to an auditioner who considers himself a magician, and one who is a big fan of “Harry Potter,”  who showed off his talent through a monologue.  Everyone who has auditioned for round one did very well.  

I took the liberty of asking the auditioners some questions before they got on stage and performed. In listening to their responses, as a writer, I was very intrigued by their answers. The goal of my questions was to find out what made them want to take the plunge and go for the gusto to perform their talents.

I found out how they got started in their talent, their emotions before a performance, good sportsmanship, and whether or not they think they will become the next CSI’s Got Talent Idol for 2020.  

Let’s begin with the first auditioner.  Her name is Sheri.

Sheri got her start with singing in high school.  Since high school she has taken chorus class and participated in four musicals.  They were Cabaret, Greece, Guys and Dolls and The Wiz. Sheri has been doing the open mic night every Wednesday since the semester has started. 

 Sheri wanted to give some advice to any fellow performers. 

She says: “Follow your dreams and do what you can and you should just believe in yourself and do what’s best, do what you think is right and good luck.”  

The second auditioner, Neethu Jose, is a vocalist.

Neethu went on by telling me how she started with singing; she got her start when she was in the fifth grade in elementary school. She has felt that for her it was a long road to get her voice to where it is today.

The day she auditioned she decided to start singing again since it had been quite an on and off type of thing. Neethu gives her advice to fellow performers by saying that “Sometimes it’s all about courage… once you pick it up and move forward with it you can get through it.”  

The third auditioner was Alyssa Falcone. 

Alyssa got her start with singing through a cool band.  Alyssa says: “I’ve been singing in a band for about three years. The band tours all over Staten Island and is called MJ’s.”

Alyssa gives her advice to fellow performers by saying “Just try…go for it…that’s why I’m here…I’m just going for it.”  Every single performer did an excellent job showing off their talent.  

I was so pleased to be a part of their performances and I can’t wait and see what’s to come on the second round of CSI’s Got Talent Show. I hope to see you there joining in on the excitement and fun during the semi-finals.


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