A $200 Ticket to Disney: Yay or Nay?

Is a ticket to Disney really worth it? 

By: Sidney Mansueto

Disney’s Castle. Credit: http://www.today.com

A recent price hike in Disneyland has me wondering: Is the trip worth it? I ask this question as I glance at the newly-imposed prices. 

Another thought: Why does having fun have to be so expensive? A single-day ticket starts at $200, and that doesn’t seem like a lot of money at all…if you’re rich, maybe. 

Families from all walks of life enjoy entertainment of every form from Disney, and dream of visiting the magical place. An American staple, everyone should have the opportunity to experience a Disney Parks vacation at least once in their lifetime. 

Can we the people stand tall and initiate a Disney boycott? Or, does Disney hold too much power for us to take action? 

Prices appear increasingly high these days, for entrance to both Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California and the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The Los Angeles Times reported that a single-day ticket providing access to Disneyland in California has made a price jump from $199 to $209, if Disney-goers were to visit around “peak times”. 

For a single-day pass, paying $209 to access an iconic theme park is an absolutely ridiculous amount of money. There is no way a commoner like me can pay that much money without getting a headache. 

Even if I was budgeting, a $209 single-day ticket to Disneyland is outrageous. When you think about it, the entrance pass isn’t the only thing you’re paying for. 

Amenities, ticket fees to access rides, and even a giant turkey leg will not be easy on your bank account. 

Meanwhile, down in Florida, the prices for an annual pass is now a hefty and exhausting $1,295 for a nonresident. This is a jump from the former price of $1, 219, reports the Orlando Sentinel. 

Mind if I sum up the bad news? If you don’t live in Florida, you’re out of luck trying to afford a Disney getaway. 

A single-day pass for one park in the Orlando location ranges from $109 to $159. Now, think of how broke you’ll be after buying a pass to three parks. 

As popular and exciting Disney sounds, Disney is an overpriced enterprise that limits access to many. A majority of Disney-goers are probably sitting high up in the relatively upper middle class to wealthy class bracket. 

This causes inequality once you compare and contrast access to Disney with other social classes, most significantly middle class and low income families. Disney Parks are supposed to bring joy and comfort to families, and they aren’t doing what they should be due to these prices. 

There is no realistic way that a family who brings in $52, 000 a year would be able to afford a Disney Parks vacation. Disney is an entertainment giant that possesses hypocrisy, because they claim to be all for equality and political correctness, yet deprive the common people of entertainment. 

In addition to this, it should also be brought into consideration about how monopolizing the Disney Company truly is. Disney is the owner of multiple entertainment assets, including ABC, Marvel, Touchstone Pictures, and even 80% of ESPN. These actions of monopolization show Disney as a greedy, money-hungry corporation. 

One of the best values Americans have is freedom. In this case, freedom of speech must be exercised if we believe Disney should be affordable to all, and not just the wealthy class. 

Blue collar, working class people work just as hard as the white-collar, upper classes. They deserve a Disney trip just as much as a wealthy person. 

Social inequality is unfortunate, but nobody ever considers how much progress can be made if we stand by each other and think about what will bring us together, instead of calling out each other’s differences. 

An interesting idea to think about is a Disney Parks boycott. If we band together and initiate a boycott, it is possible that we can make a difference if we tried hard. 

We can go as far as putting Disney Parks out of business if we are confident enough. A simple starting point would be to not buy any Disney merchandise or anything affiliated with the corporation. 

The next level idea would be to not visit any of the two theme parks. Doing acts such as these examples can easily show consumers’ frustration. There is only so much we can do, and if we want to make things happen, now is the time, because now will not be forever. 

Disney’s recent price hikes have a toll on consumerism, and the prices will only continue to increase, fifty dollars at a time. Having fun should not have to be so expensive. 

Next time you want a photo opportunity with Mickey Mouse, think wisely before you give a dime or two to a monstrous, greedy corporation like Disney- because these prices are awfully “goofy”


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