DE Stress With Art Therapy Activities

Can Arts And Crafts Help Overcome The Daily Stresses In Life?

By:  Roseanne Cassar

De-Stress With Art Therapy to Keep Sane. Credit:

To deal with stress in everyday life is very complicated.  There are so many different ways to cope with stress: whether it comes from school, work, children, paying bills, or just trying to make it through another day without going off the deep end.  

Bottom line, stress is hard to deal with and to manage on a regular basis.

It will creep up on you without notice and can just take you down without a good fight.  When you do decide to do something about stress; you look for ways to alleviate your existing problems.  

A quick google search can start you in the right direction. 

You will find some methods that are tedious and some methods that you would put a question mark on or tell yourself:  If I tried the Yoga thing; will I really look like a pretzel? or How flexible do you need to be to do Yoga? 

With a stroke of luck you will come across something that is for you. 

You can find something that can help you to de-stress through arts and crafts. Although there’s a misconception that arts and crafts are just for kids, those people are largely mistaken.

  There is a new trend for 2020 for all humans in any age range.

It is a new way of coping with stress in everyday life.  This trend is called “Art Therapy Activities.”  It is really easy to do right from the comfort of your own house.  

There are 20 different art therapy activities you can do to help de-stress your life from home.  Pablo Picasso once said: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 

So what is art therapy?

“Art therapy is a broad term used to refer to the practice of creating as a way to heal wounds of the mind or spirit.”  Art therapy is becoming so popular that it’s “increasing frequency at hospitals, in schools, and in treatment programs for a wide swatch of ailments, the rejuvenation, stress – busting results of such a practice are something we can all benefit from.”  

Here are a small handful of the cool ways anyone can de-stress using art therapy.

The first one is really simple.  Everyone knows how to “Cut and paste a collage,” but do you know how it can help you? If you have any old magazines or any colored pictures that are piling up around your house you can use those pictures to show your creative side.  

For example, “If you are seeking encouragement in a particular area – love, finances, body images, and so on – zero in on images that cause you to feel uplifted and positive, or ones that embody your goals.”  

This second one is pretty neat.  

Try to “Draw in response to music.”  Yes, “music is a form of art that is often said to move souls.”  Another example of this is “Sharp, staccato music may prompt you to draw jagged edges or bold lines while softer rhythms may encourage you to draw waves.”  

The third one is a very creative idea. This one wants you to “create an affirmation you can carry with you.”  

It can literally be any type of product you would want to carry. An example of this  “a piece of jewelry, an article of clothing, or a key chain, …images, words, and colors that remind you of how and what you want to feel.”  

The fourth idea is pretty unique. 

Instead of bottling all of your emotions inside to a point of explosion, why not “capture pain in chalk?”  Use the chalk to “purge the mind and heart of negative, past, or unwanted emotions…then wash it away.” Use it to get rid of the things that serve you absolutely no purpose in your life.  If you would like to read the article in full text form please look for it here:


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