Do Pets Affect the Health of Their Owner?

How Pet Owner’s Well-beings are Affected by Their Companions

By: Mark Deutsch

The New Type of Service Dog. Credit: The Telegraph

Does having pets affect your health? Those furry companions have followed mankind for millenia, and this is not limited to just dogs, but any creature that people can keep as a pet. 

What’s being achieved here is that these friends can affect humans on multiple fronts. So just how exactly can pets affect their owners health will be explored and explained. 

The number one benefit to owning a companion is that a person is never alone; they always have a friend that can keep them company. Even more so if a person has a depression malady, a pet could brighten that gloomy cloud. 

Besides this important point there are of course other perks as a pet owner. 

Taking care of a pet includes changing its bedding to walking it. Walking or even just playing with one’s pet can count for exercise, depending on how a person does it. 

Another benefit to having a pet around is that it helps regulate blood pressure. 

Playing with the pet or even walking it has been speculated on easing blood pressure. From the section Healthy Pets-Healthy People on, “Doing enjoyable stuff with a pet will be an effective stress reliever.” But how could you determine what the right pet is for you?

When shopping for a pet that would be by its owner’s for life, consider how short the pet’s life is. A person could be careful to pick out an animal based on its lifespan, since humans outlive their pets. 

So it’s better to judge how long a person would want to spend with his/her animal. 

Besides relieving and making depressed people less gloomy there are drawbacks to pets. Some people just seem to be lazy when caring for a pet, realizing that perhaps having a pet is too much effort. 

The owners who return the pet wherever it came from were missing out on some of their benefits. 

Pet owners are able to stop feeling alone, since they have someone to interact with. The other hidden perk is that pets open a bridge to facilitate increased friendship. 

This helps any awkward person who has trouble talking. They can use his or her pet to open a conversation. 

That’s right, having a furry friend can be a magnet to attract members of either sex to chat. Furry friends aren’t the only pets that attract attention, since there are more groups to join. 

There’s also a speculated benefit of how pets can be used for increasingly critical medical purposes,that’s still being investigated. 

One organization called “Medical Detection Dogs” has been training dogs to detect disease, which is still speculative. Apparently these dogs can be crucial for diabetic people, since they can detect low blood sugar. 

This wasn’t the only thing that these dogs can detect; they could also signal seizures. 

The key to why medical dogs function the way they do is that it’s all about how a person smells. That’s right, dogs can confirm maladys through their noses. 

Apparently, because of a canine’s powerful nose, it’s possible; but, only if the dog has had strenuous training. 

The power of a pet has been used for a well known purpose as seeing eye dogs. These dogs also go through training in order to guide people wherever they need to travel. 

Pets have an important effect on humans. From being a lifelong friend to saving a person’s life, they serve a variety of functions in any pet owner’s life.


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