Is Elizabeth Warren Playing Fair On An Old Abortion Comment From Michael Bloomberg?

Should Abortion Be Taken Lightly In A Discussion Between An Employer And The Employee?

By: Roseanne Cassar

Did Warren go too far in blasting Bloomberg on his abortion comments? Credit: google.com

During the debate in Charleston, South Carolina, Senator Elizabeth Warren felt the need to bring up a very touchy topic that relates to her personal experience, as well as a forty-year-old comment that Michael Bloomberg made to an old employee.  

Warren felt it was necessary to clear the air to discuss what type of human being Bloomberg was all about in the case of pregnant women. Bloomberg showed his true colors when Warren brought it up.

To this very day, Bloomberg will still deny the accusations from an old employee of the comment he made to her. While watching the debate, one of the live moderators raised a good question: “Did Warren go too far with the discussion on abortion that took place forty years ago?”

In my opinion as a woman, I don’t think so at all. Besides what Bloomberg doesn’t realize is that somewhere whether it would come out the way it did or come out after winning the election: his comment on a woman’s pregnancy by saying to “kill it” would have eventually surfaced.  

Bloomberg would definitely be facing these allegations all over again no matter what.

For Bloomberg to make comments to women inappropriately does not surprise me in the slightest. On top of that, having these women sign a disclosure stating that they can’t do anything about it to defend themselves makes it worse for him. 

I believe Warren had the right to bring up the topic of what transpired and make it known to the public of what America will be dealing with if he should win the election.  

It is very sad for a man to make these discriminating comments to women at all.  It does not make any man look powerful.

In fact, it makes a man look like he is not playing with a full deck to begin with. Your comments make you look extremely shallow. As a woman, I believe that you did say discriminating things to your employees.  

I wouldn’t put it past him at all. These women have the right to come forward and air out your dirty laundry about your comments. It is their right as American citizens.

Warren is not wrong for her thoughts of Bloomberg of being the “riskiest candidate for the Democratic Party to nominate, with a pointed recitation of his history of crude and sexist comments.” Warren is most likely right about Bloomberg.  

If Bloomberg isn’t the monster of discrimination then why make such comments to begin with.

I wonder why men feel the need to make such disgusting comments to women at all. Is it to boost their ego or self-esteem? Do men really need to feel big and powerful when women are involved in a business setting?

Or do they really think that since they have a lot of money, they can do what they want anywhere or with whomever they please?

 The whole scenario really is sad, and to Mr. Bloomberg: you should be ashamed of yourself as a human being.  

These women who you were so kind to to make comments towards should have some type of compensation from you. It is the least you can do as a human being.


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