April Fools!

Coming to Theaters, “COVID-19 the Movie”

Coronavirus Movie Hits Theaters Real Soon

By: Carlos Glick

A molecule of coronavirus. Credit: siasat.com

 A movie about the coronavirus is set to hit theaters really soon and it will star Tom Hanks, along with his wife, Rita Wilson. The movie is about an ordinary couple who get the coronavirus bug while traveling to Springfield (yes, the hometown of the Simpsons) for a business trip.

        Meanwhile, a bug has been going around the town. That bug is named Coronavirus, who is voiced by none other than Tom Holland himself. Coronavirus’s purpose, or his intent rather, is to make sure everyone gets contaminated from him. 

        However, this is a bug you cannot kill. If anyone tries to attempt to kill Coronavirus, then they must pay and everyone in the town of Springfield will be in Coronavirus’s wrath.

       So, how can you stop Coronavirus? You can’t…you’re basically done for. However, there is one possibility; to get inside the bug’s brain and switch the button in his brain to good, or to unplug him.

      Just, how do you get into the bug’s body? He is tiny after all. There is only one person who can answer a question just like this, an entomologist. That’s right, he has a tiny machine that can get inside a bug’s brain and shut the bug down. 

       Entomologist, Dr. Tom Brady, has been an entomologist after his days playing football for both the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That’s right, Dr. Brady now knows everything about bugs and how to control them. 

      Hanks and his wife Wilson grab a bite to eat at the Krusty Burger, when as they are eating, they spot the Simpsons family walking in with Bart holding a jar with a bug inside. 

Could it be? Coronavirus? 

Here is a question. Why would a 10 year old kid bring in a jar with a bug that could be contaminated? 

       That answer is about to be revealed as a mischievous 10 year old, Bart Simpson, opens the jar and all hell breaks loose. Krusty Burger now has an infectious bug that roams around that could potentially kill you. 

The bug goes after one particular couple, and that’s right, Hanks and his wife Wilson, who are an average ordinary couple.

       Entomologist, Dr Brady, also at the restaurant, was enjoying a nice delicious krusty burger, when as soon as the bug was free, caught it, while it was going near Hanks and Wilson’s necks. The bug sprays the couple, and is finally caught by Dr Brady, who immediately takes his burger and drink with him along with the bug and proceeds to analyze the bug in his laboratory.

         Meanwhile, Hanks and Wilson are taken to the hospital where they are being treated with care. The doctor, Dr. Tom Cruise tells the couple that they both have coronavirus and that they must stay in separate rooms for a minimum of at least two weeks.

 After that, they are free to be with each other and out in the world. 

         Two weeks have gone by and within those two weeks, Dr. Brady has disembodied Coronavirus, who turns back into human form, revealing Holland’s body as Spider-Man and then shatters him into pieces. However, Holland does come back through the door as himself moments after Spider-Man has been shredded into pieces and reveals his true self. 

        As for Hanks and Wilson, both have recovered from the virus and are safe to roam Springfield as much as they please. Hanks then goes to the Simpsons residence and gets custody for Bart and has him locked up in juvenile prison for manslaughter. Simpson is sentenced to three hours behind bars and no contacts with famous celebrities ever again.


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