How the ‘Cheese Touch’ is Similar to the Coronavirus

This Phenomenon From Diary of a Wimpy Kid Resembles the Novel Virus

By: Danny Cacace

An image of Rowley Jefferson from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie touching the cheese that will give him the ‘Cheese Touch.’ Credit:

Remember the ‘Cheese Touch’ from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and how no one wanted it? Well, it looks like we have something to take its place, and that is the Coronavirus. 

The Coronavirus is the new virus going around that is making sure people stay far away from others, in fear that they will get infected. 

The Cheese Touch was written in the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. The phenomenon originated from a moldy piece of cheese left in the schoolyard. 

In the book, if someone got the Cheese Touch, everyone made sure to keep their distance from that person. 

If ‘touched,’ they would be the next person to be known to have the Cheese Touch. It is exactly like a game of tag where if someone is ‘it’ then their goal is to tag someone and pass the ‘it’ status along. 

That is one similarity as to how the Cheese Touch and the Coronavirus are similar, and that is that nobody wants the Cheese Touch or the Coronavirus. 

Another similarity between the Cheese Touch and the Coronavirus is that one person can pass it on to another by coughing or touching someone, and with the Cheese Touch, all one needs to do with the touch is touch someone else for them to have it.

The Cheese Touch makes people nervous and afraid of the person who has it, and that’s exactly what the Coronavirus is doing to people who are afraid of those that have it. 

The Cheese Touch assured bullying to happen. For example, one kid in the book named Abe Hall had the Cheese Touch and was bullied for the whole rest of the year. As a result, he left school. 

This is also happening in the world right now where people are bullying others who they believe have the Coronavirus. The health crisis is also causing xenophobic and racist attitudes. 

People are making sure to avoid the Coronavirus at all costs which is why they are wearing masks and gloves outside or even just staying at home because just like the Cheese Touch, no one wants the Coronavirus. 

The Cheese Touch can be seen as this deadly plague that went around where everyone made sure to run from the person who had it, and now with the Coronavirus going around, people are running to stores to buy toilet paper and not food. 

Who needs toilet paper over food in a time of crisis? Anyways, be cautious out there and avoid the Cheese Touch, or in this case, the Coronavirus.

Remember to ‘do the five’ to prevent the spread: wash your hands often, cough into your elbow, don’t touch your face, keep a distance, and stay home. Everyone must do their part. 

Stay safe.


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