Swim Practice, a Love for Hooters and More in “Sweet and Salty”

Fortune Feimster Makes a Hilarious Return With Her New Comedy Special

By: Brooke Price

Fortune Feimster’s new comedy special, “Sweet and Salty”. Credit:

For those who don’t know, Fortune Feimster is a hilarious comedian from North Carolina. Her most recent comedy special was released on Netflix back in January and is always great to watch for a laugh.

In her special, Feimster discussed her childhood and upbringing living in the South as well as her eventual coming out. 

Feimster mentioned that she was a former girl scout and that she used to be on a swim team.

She mentioned that her reason for joining the swim team for her hometown was because she noticed that all of the people on the swim team ate fun dip before the race.

The name of her comedy special is named “Sweet and Salty” because during her swim meets, she would go to the concession stand and alternate between having fun dip and nachos; sweet and salty.

She also mentioned an anecdotal about how she grew up as a tomboy and closeted lesbian and her mom wanted her to be a debutante and take etiquette classes.

Feimster also mentioned her love of Hooters and how she spent her 18th birthday at the restaurant and the interesting birthday tradition that followed.

Feimster had no representation of her sexuality when she was growing up and didn’t know that she was a lesbian until later on in her life. She mentioned in her comedy special how representation matters.

“It wasn’t like I was in the closet and I was hiding, I just didn’t see myself represented in the world. Back then, there was no YouTube, there was no ‘Will and Grace,’ no ‘Frozen,’ nothing that I could relate to.”

She also discussed her coming out story where she watched a Lifetime movie, “The Truth About Jane” where a girl in high school realizes that she is gay and at first, her mother is unaccepting of her, but later her mother accepts her. After watching the movie, everything clicked for Feimster and she realized that she was gay. 

“It was like all these missing puzzle pieces were coming into frame, everything became more clearer. It’s like I was watching the movie ‘The Sixth Sense’ I had been gay all along!

She also discussed how it was to come out to her family once she realized she was gay.

In an interview with Women’s LifeStyle, Feimster mentioned how she wants to make people laugh and draws from her personal experiences to make her shows relatable to others. 

“For me, I want to be a great comic and make people laugh. Of course, we need gay comics because it is good for the gay community to be able to relate to things they are talking about. I talk about gay things because it is a part of me. As a comic, your main goal is to make as many people laugh as possible, so you have to step outside of yourself and think about, “What is the world beyond my level? What are the things that people are going through? What are the stories that people can relate to?”

Fortune Feimster’s new special is available on Netflix, so grab some popcorn and get ready to have a good laugh!


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