The One Where I’m…Quarantined?

Six Feet Apart Birthday Celebrations 

By: Veronica Pistek

Celebrating your birthday virtually at home can be a special moment to remember. Credit:

Ever since quarantine commenced around the world in March, all Pisces, Aries, and Taurus babies have had to spend their birthdays inside their homes. Though this seemed lonely and uneventful at first, people proved that they could make the best of their special days with limited resources. 

Many people were unique in their approach to celebrating. Some gathered friends and family on Zoom, others had a parade on their street, and many planned fun events to do inside their own home. 

One of the people who was grateful for the kindness of her loved ones was Jade Lavenia. She celebrated her 19th birthday on April 9th and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Jade Lavenia’s boyfriend supplements her birthday date with meals delivered to her house. Too precious. Credit: Jade Lavenia

“I was overall pretty bummed to not be going out with friends and family, but I accepted that it wasn’t going to be great. But then my friends and family made it really special by delivering gifts, baking stuff for me and leaving it on my doorstep, and my boyfriend ordered me food for each meal of the day to make up for the date that we couldn’t have,” the Pace University student explained.  

There is also a massive group of people celebrating their long-awaited 21st birthdays from home. Though I’m sure they would much rather be at a bar, these individuals had to compromise–and hopefully save that partying spirit for the future. 

One of these recently turned 21 year olds is Alyssa Dimino. She preferred to be dancing in a club in the city, but instead she celebrated with her family and friends from home. 

Alyssa Dimino proves that a quarantine birthday can be glamorous–check that backdrop, ring light, and style. Credit: Alyssa Dimino

“My sister ended up surprising me by having my friends and family take videos saying ‘Happy Birthday’ and made a video collage which was really sweet! My friends also drove to my street and my mom brought out shots of rum for all of us to take and dance around,” Dimino explains.

Now that is an iconic way to celebrate six feet apart. 

Another 21 year old, Angela Bernabe, celebrated her anticipated birthday in a unique way. Bernabe knew that it would be hard to accept the idea of celebrating without her friends, but was happy that her loved ones tried to make it special.

“I had work for most of the day, and it was nice to see and celebrate with my coworkers. My family also made me a cake and we all had a Zoom party,” the CCNY student explained. 

Another 21 year old and Binghamton engineering student, Joseph Petillo, celebrated from home with some jello shots and a Zoom surprise party–how sweet!

While it’s definitely not the same as celebrating normally is, it is incredible to see people coming together for the ones they love to feel special on their birthdays. As social media provides us with inspiration for birthday ideas, many are preparing, and actually looking forward to celebrating their quarantine birthday. 

One person who is ready to have an out-of-the-ordinary 21st birthday is Anthony Castelli. His sister is preparing a “birthday bar crawl in lockdown.” This is a fun way to get creative– you can put a different theme and drink in each room and have different family members be the bartender. 

These are great ideas if you are 21 and over (of course) but if you aren’t one who enjoys partying and loads of social interaction, take your special day to do the things that you love. This is a unique situation for everyone, and it is heartwarming to see everyone make the best of it. 

The Banner wishes everyone in lockdown an extra special birthday, and hopefully a positive year ahead!


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