We Stayed Home, But Happy Hour Won’t Stop!

At-Home Happy Hour for Dummies

By: Valerie Gonzalez

Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski, and Audra McDonald doing happy hour on Zoom. Credit:

Our normal is not normal anymore. Many of us miss rushing to happy hour after a long day at work or class (if you’re 21+). For some people, happy hour was that one thing they would look forward to at the end of the week. 

Covid-19 has cancelled many things, and we have been trying to change and adapt with the situation. Here, I will give you some tips on how to have a little “Happy Hour Party” with items you have at home! 

First, grab all the alcohol you have at home. If you do not have alcohol, it’s okay because apparently some liquor stores are essential! So, safely purchase your favorite alcoholic beverage, and remember to drink responsibly.

 Grab all the mixers you have in your fridge, cranberry juice, coffee, peaches, strawberries, seltzer, etc. Now grab your computer, this is essential, and google: 

Follow the instructions: sign up with your email, then go to your bar and write down all your ingredients. Click on make me a drink and you will get a selection of drinks that you can make at home in just one click.

Second, search for your favorite playlist, remember this is the time to explore new sounds as well, I will recommend to look for our specially curated “The Banner’s Quarantine Playlist” that you can find by clicking here

Remember that quarantine is an unexpected time to discover new things and find yourself–so feel free to change your favorite playlist a bit, see what’s out there and what inspires you, you never know what a new song can do!

Don’t forget that a lot of bars, DJs, and artists are going live on social media or are hosting Zoom meetings with live music and entertainment. You won’t want to miss out if your favorite singer or band is live, keep an eye on it and you may find yourself with a very unusual, yet relaxing to enjoy your favorite artists.

Third, grab your phone, tablet, laptop… whatever you use to link up with your friends, and call them! Most of us have all experienced apps like Zoom and House party, where we can have calls of more than 4 people which makes them the go-to apps for online meetings. 

This is your chance to share your drink recipes, and enjoy a very new way to do happy hour! Remember that we are all quarantined together, so what’s better than meeting up with your friends in a very unconventional way and enjoying a drink together? 

We have all been through very stressful months and a drink with friends is always welcome! Drink responsibly.


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