Married to a Stranger on Your Wedding Day

How “Married at First Sight” Allows Couples to Form Deeper Relationships 

By: Brooke Price

Amelia and Bennett (left) and Amani and Woody (right) pose for their wedding pictures. Credit:

“Married at First Sight” is a reality television show in which couples are set up by matchmakers but don’t meet until their wedding day. 

The matchmakers which include a marriage and family therapist, sociologist, and a marriage counselor come to New Orleans to match five couples that will get married and first see each other at their wedding. 

After the wedding, the couples will have eight weeks to get to know each other, go on their honeymoon, meet each other’s families and eventually move in together. Once these eight weeks are up, the couples decide if they want a divorce or if they want to continue being married to their spouse. 

The couples on this season include Amelia and Bennett, Amani and Woody, Karen and Miles, Olivia and Brett and Christina and Henry.

Amelia is a physician that also has a passion for trapeze, unicycling, and can play different instruments. Bennett is the director of a theater company, a freelance writer, a pedicab driver, and he is also a talented musician. Both Amelia and Bennett are quirky free spirits that share similar interests. Eventually Amelia will have to complete residency and move for her job. Will it put a strain between her relationship with Bennett?

Amani is a program coordinator for a nonprofit and hopes to find someone that she could share her life with and start a family with. Woody is a teacher and coach who longs to share his life and the important moments of it with someone he cares about. Amani and Woody both have outgoing personalities, enjoy dancing, and like to go out and have a good time.

Karen is a human resources consultant. She is soft-spoken and reserved. Miles is an administrator at an elementary school. Miles tries to be the best version of himself that he can be. He is also a gentleman and will do whatever it takes to make Karen happy and comfortable throughout their relationship. 

Miles is also close friends with Woody, which enables the two of them to confide in their relationships with one another.

Brett works in IT for the local government and likes to cook, care for his cat, and do outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing. Brett’s way of affection is by picking on someone and being sarcastic—it’s something his whole family is used to.

Olivia is a nurse practitioner and likes to work out, care for her two cats, and let loose and have a fun time. She also likes to go out and do fun things, go on vacation, eat at restaurants and drink expensive wine. However, Brett prefers to eat at home and have cheap wine rather than going out. 

Christina is a flight attendant with a passion for traveling the world and trying different things. Henry is a clinical recruiter and is more introverted and keeps to himself. 

He is more reserved than Christina, who tries to get Henry to come out of his shell and make the first move. This is a different experience for Christina because she is not used to making the first move and is used to the guy doing so. 

When they go on their honeymoon to Mexico, Christina plans different activities for them to do such as kayaking and paddle boarding since Henry has never been on a vacation outside of the United States. 

“Married at First Sight” is already on its eleventh season and is broadcasted on the Lifetime channel. Will these five couples continue to stay married or will their relationship end in divorce?


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