Creative Writing

The Brainchild

By: Sabrina Benet


A life of uncertainty is at our fingertips 

Ripping pages off the calendar to accompany tissues gracing the floor

Stained with tears and desire to see a better tomorrow

Days blending one into the next

Eyesight consumed by darkness. 


They say you are a product of your environment

Chameleons reflecting the hysteria of society

Wreaking havoc throughout the nation

Our world as a wounded warrior

We carry on. 


We carry on with heavy burdens on our back

A makeshift mask to hide the pain it causes

Sweaty palms that call latex gloves home

And the untrustworthy touch of a stranger

The silent killer.


Anxiety, the brainchild of quarantine

Accompanied by sleepless nights and bloodshot eyes

A mental parasite to bring you to your knees

Eating away at what was once there

To be replaced by uncertainty and fear.


Craving intimacy with the people you love

To be fulfilled by fragmented phone calls and false hope

Silence overpowering the laughter

Planning the future like it is yours to plan

We continue to wait. 


We continue to wait as the media controls our thoughts

Brainwashed with lingering disease and lies

Our overworked circuits blowing their fuse

To be fixed with a bandaid with hope for the best

We pray.


We pray that we will see another day tomorrow

That good news will be a special guest on our televisions

A change of pace to lure serotonin into our minds

The satisfaction of watching your home heal

Seeing the light in the tunnel that had been dark for so long

We watch.


We watch as the president reminds us: “We are all in this together”

Claiming we are experiencing this as a family

A nation who would recover from the lingering disease

Tensions dividing us from this endless storm

We claim to be in this together

But I can not help feeling so alone. 


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