Aunt Judy’s Famous Salt and Pepper Chicken

Small crunchy pieces of chicken that will take your taste buds to flavor town 

By: Justin Hum 

Throw some spicy chili oil on the top and have the lovely sensation of salty, peppery, and spicy chicken coating your mouth. Credit: Justin Hum

Out of all the dishes that my aunt Judy makes, her salt and pepper chicken is the best thing I’ve eaten. My aunt Judy learned how to make this dish way back when she opened up a restaurant with my uncle. Ever since then, it has been a staple in our family, and nobody has given it a bad review. The salt and pepper chicken is such a big hit that it is always made during Thanksgiving dinner and birthday parties.

When talking to my aunt, she happened to tell me that she almost didn’t make the salt and pepper chicken, and if she never did, it would’ve never been on her restaurant menu! When thinking of recipes, she would write them down, bring them to the cooks, and show them the recipe. When he refused to make the dish, she wound up taking it home for herself and experimenting with it. Aunt Judy ended up keeping it all to herself and my family because of how good the recipe was.

She starts with cutting a chicken breast into thin small pieces and puts it into a bowl with salt, white pepper, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, and oil. Afterwards Judy puts corn starch and an egg into the bowl and mixes it well. After that, she puts vegetable oil in a wok and throws the chicken in with green peppers, onions, and minced garlic; and before it’s done, salt and ginger powder are thrown in and mixed thoroughly before plating. 

..“I love to cook, and it makes me happy to hear that my salt and pepper chicken is always the hit every time I make it,” said my aunt Judy. “ Every time I make it for your party, your friends always ask me how to make it, and that’s what makes me happy.”

See below for the recipe.



One Chicken Breast


A Salt

White Pepper

Sesame Oil

Thin Soy Sauce

Dark Soy Sauce

Oyster Sauce



B One Egg White

Corn Starch


C Green Pepper (slice)

Onion (slice)

Mince Garlic

Ginger Powder



Step 1 – “A”

–  Cut chicken to small thin size

–  Marinate with the ingredients from “A”


Step 2 – “B”

–  Add one egg white to the chicken, mix well

–  Cover chicken with corn starch


Step 3

–  Deep fry chicken


Step  4 – “C”

–  Oil in a frying pan

–  Heat green pepper, onion, and minced garlic

–  Put in chicken

–  Add salt and ginger powder, mix it well


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