The Beyond Lifestyle

A Different Way of Helping Our Earth By Filling Stomachs 

By: Mark Deutsch

The key part in the Beyond Burger lifestyle and vision. Credit: CNBC

Everyone’s heard of veggie burgers: those flat disks that only vegans will eat. Those types of burgers are made to be healthy, but fail at being tasty. 

But two companies called Beyond Burgers and Impossible Burgers have changed veggie meats. 

What these companies are most famous for are their burgers, an improved version of veggie burgers. These burgers are 100% natural and contain no artificial ingredients in their products. But what makes these burgers a success is mainly both in taste and appearance. 

When looking at the uncooked patty it’s only similar to a regular hamburger, yet it changes after it’s grilled. Then it’s hard to tell the difference between either of them, since it seems to contain fat. 

Next is the taste of this fake hamburger, whether it tastes the same or even perhaps better? 

When sinking teeth into the burger it’ll be stunning how good it tastes, the fat being released is delicious. The surprising juiciness of the burger delivers a faint connection with burgers.

Overall the taste of these burgers can cause a yearning for lots more, yet what’s in them? 

According to the website “beyondmeat.com,” these ingredients are completely plant-based. They combine ingredients such as potatoes for starch, peas for protein and coconut oil for fat. 

Of course these aren’t all of the ingredients, but each factor comes from an important food group. 

Moving from the recipe that makes the delicious burgers, the company has a vision for the planet. They have a daring vision: help the planet.

Their reasoning is that transitioning to plant-based eating is more efficient than eating beef itself. 

According to their research, moving away from eating meat would lessen the need for cows. Less cows means more available land that can be used for grass or more farmland. 

They have a better reasoning behind their green vision that still concerns cows, along with better nutrition. 

The reason why they say their burger is healthy is because some ranches probably use artificial factors. There’s also the argument that it takes far less resources between a cow and a plant. According to “Faunalytics.com,” plants win against animal farming. 

The company isn’t trying to lead a full crusade, but is instead moving slowly. The company hopes to help people eat healthier.

They’re aware that it’ll be tough to persuade people to join in on this lifestyle. 

Beyond Burgers have been trying to entice people with palaptel veggie burgers, something other companies lacked. 

They promote a healthier way of living by breaking the meat eater barrier. For this company, the vision of a healthier man and planet could very well happen. 

Well, that’s the gist behind these fabulous burgers and what the company has tried to achieve.


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