Social Justice Booklist: Kids’ Edition

A Compilation of Children’s Books that Educate Kids on Important Social Issues

By: Claudia Buonsante

A is for Activist is a children’s alphabet book that highlights how, why, and for what people advocate. Credit: Amazon

America has some deep-seated social issues that date back to the colonial era. These social problems have festered for centuries and they continue to plague Black, Brown, and minority groups of the 21st century. 

After the murder of George Floyd, these tensions erupted into mass protests in cities throughout the nation. America claims to be one of the most developed and advanced countries in the world, yet basic human rights violations are happening on the streets of Black and Brown communities. 

As James Baldwin put it, “I love America more than any other country in the world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.” As a teacher, I hold myself to a high standard when it comes to understanding our nation and relaying that information to youngsters. 

I criticize my country because I want her to be better. I want her to live up to her creed. 

I believe that the best way to correct America is to start with the younger generations. I believe instilling social justice in our youth is critically important, and because of this, I have compiled a list of important children’s books that relate to social justice. 

Hopefully, we can do our best to raise a generation of people who respect human life, in all its forms.

Strictly No Elephants relays the pain that comes along with segregation by using animal metaphors. It is adorable, informative, and impactful. Credit: Amazon


I am Jazz is an autobiographical children’s book that documents the lived experiences of Jazz Jennings, a young transgender girl who becomes an activist for transgender rights. Credit: Amazon


All Kinds of Families is a children’s book that celebrates various family structures. This text is adorable and relatable! Credit: Amazon


This Land is their Land tells the story of colonial America from the perspective of the Wampanoag people. This is a great way to teach about Thanksgiving in a way that is respectful to indigenous culture. Credit: Barnes and Noble


This New York Times Bestseller tells the story of a young black kid who combats police brutality and social injustice. To help guide him through his journey, the main character looks to the teachings of MLK. I strongly recommend this powerful book because it’s relevant to the issues we are facing today. Credit: Amazon.com 10


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