The Reality Show to Form Lasting Relationships

“Love Island” Aims for Contestants to Discover their Right Match

By: Brooke Price

“Love Island” is a new approach to forming strong relationships. Credit:

Welcome to Love Island! A place where young singles go to mingle and meet their match. Contestants pick from a lineup of possible compatible matches on their own and the winning couple who the audience feels is most compatible is awarded $100,000. The couple can choose to split the money. 

“Love Island” is a reality tv show where contestants are to couple up with each other to form lasting relationships.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the cast and crew had to be quarantined and had to have coronavirus tests done to ensure that they were healthy enough to be on the show.

Instead of going to warm and tropical Fiji, where contestants met last season, this season, contestants were sent to the Cromwell, a casino hotel that’s on the Las Vegas strip.

Once contestants arrive at the villa, they are expected to form romantic relationships with other contestants in anticipation for the re-coupling ceremony. During this ceremony, one contestant from each couple must say who they would like to couple up with. After the re-coupling ceremony, if one contestant is left single, or a couple has the least amount of votes out compared to the other couples, they are eliminated from the island. 

Fans also get to participate in the show since they can vote for which couple they like the best, however, the couple that has the least amount of votes has to go home.

Contestants that couple up at the re-coupling ceremony are to share the same bed. It is initially awkward as contestants have no relationship with each other and are expected to sleep in the same bed. However, as they get to know each other, they become more comfortable with each other. All the contestants share the same room and live in the villa with each other under constant supervision of cameras. 

Sometimes after the re-coupling ceremonies, there are twists involved where some of the contestants that are already coupled up have to go on dates with new contestants that are coming into the villa. New contestants may also arrive on love island the next day after the re-coupling ceremony to shake things up with the couples. 

The cast doesn’t always remain the same as new people come to the villa to take the place of those that were eliminated.

The purpose of “Love Island” is so that contestants can take it slow and get to know each other. Contestants are expected to make long-term, meaningful connections that can blossom into romantic relationships. 

In order for contestants to get to know each other better, contestants play interactive games, and sometimes couples who win the challenge get a special reward of entering the Hideaway, a secret room where a couple can be intimate with each other out of view from the other contestants. 

On finale night, fans vote for their favorite couple that they want to win the $100,000. One contestant from the winning couple gets the money and the other contestant gets an empty envelope. It is up to the contestant that holds the money if they wish to split the money with their partner. 

Love Island is on nightly at 9 pm on CBS, so there will be plenty of episodes to watch packed with drama as you wonder which couples will stay together and which contestants are eliminated from Love Island.


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