A New Way to Celebrate Halloween at Six Flags

Hallowfest is a New Event That Will be Sure to Entertain You During the Halloween Season

By: Brooke Price

Six Flags recently began Hallowfest, perfect for those who want to celebrate Halloween. Credit:

Six Flags introduced a new event to allow guests to experience Halloween fun: Hallowfest. Hallowfest allows patrons to enjoy their rides during the day and experience frights at night!

Unlike Fright Fest, Six Flags’s previous Halloween event, which has a parade that showcases all of the different monsters and ghouls at the park, Hallowfest allows these spooky creatures to come into their designated area, such as ClownTown, Scarecrow Street, etc. at 6pm. The arrival of these monsters is a highlight of the night and shows the transition into a scary evening at the park. 

Hallowfest at Six Flags Great Adventure began September 18th and continues on weekends through November 1st. During Hallowfest, guests can enjoy less scary attractions during the day; however at 6 pm, different monsters come out and terrify visitors throughout the night.

Throughout the park, there are multiple scare zones where different types of creatures lurk around. These areas include Scarecrow Street After Dark, District 6 Unearthed, Lady of the Lake Cemetery, and ClownTown. 

All guests over two years old are required to wear masks at the park. The scare actors maintain a six feet distance from each other and guests to ensure social distancing.

Other health and safety protocols Six Flags is enforcing include sanitizing the rides, restraints, props, handrails, and dining and restroom facilities regularly. The park also has alcohol based hand sanitizing stations available throughout the park for guests and team members to use.

Scarecrow Street After Dark occurs around the Main Street area of the park and has scarecrows and zombies. District 6 Unearthed is located by the Lakefront section at the end of Scarecrow Street and contains mutant villains.

Lady of the Lake Cemetery contains an undead bride and her undead posse that lurk around the Lakefront. ClownTown is located in Movietown and has evil clowns that are ready to scare guests.

There are no indoor shows or haunted houses during Hallowfest. However, there are three outdoor haunted mazes and one that is indoors within the park. There are also outdoor shows available to watch.

Guests can purchase Hallow-Maze passes to enter the different haunted mazes. The different Hallow-Mazes include Mama’s Farm, Apocalypse, Wicked Woods, and Reflections of the Dead.

In Mama’s Farm, guests are faced with half-human, half-animal mutants. The Apocalypse is an outdoor haunted maze where guests feel as if they are in one during their time inside.

Wicked Woods is where guests walk through the haunted woods and encounter creatures from different fairytales and folklore. Reflections of the Dead is an indoor haunted maze, where guests try to get through a frightening maze of mirrors.

The outdoor shows that are available include the Emergence, PrimeEvil Percussion, and Street Cirque. 

The Emergence is where all of the monsters and creatures come out and lurk around all the different parts of the park at 6 pm. PrimeEvil Percussion is a percussion show that travels around the park, and Street Cirque is where performers walk around and do acrobatics, dances, and other cool tricks.

There are also some fun activities for the kids, which include a Trick-or-Treat trail and a hay bale maze.

Some new seasonal Halloween foods that are available to purchase include caramel apples and funnel cakes made with Snickers. 

Hallowfest merchandise is available to purchase throughout the park so guests can commemorate this special event, so if you want to have partake in some safe Halloween activities during the fall season, Six Flags Hallowfest ensures exactly that!


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