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Four Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship In Quarantine

Develop A Closer Connection to Your Partner All From The Comfort Of Your Home

By: Erin Bellamy 

I may burn pasta and have no muscle definition, but at least my relationship is secured! Credit: Erin Bellamy

Quarantine has offered many diverse ways to build relationships, all without having to brave the outdoors!

Communication is key! Although it’s difficult to see your partner in person, staying updated about each other’s lives will help you stay connected. Apps like FaceTime and WhatsApp are great for keeping in contact no matter the distance because you can text or video chat your partner.

Whether it’s raging about the seemingly never-ending pile of assignments or needing to talk about the stress of the pandemic, staying in communication safely with your partner will strengthen the relationship. You’ll show how much you care, and could potentially make their day!

You’ll foster a deeper connection with your partner and have a better understanding of your partner’s needs, wants, and values. Sabrina Benet, Editor in Chief of the Banner, experienced a huge improvement in her relationship, by staying in touch with her boyfriend throughout these difficult times.

“Even if we’re not talking all day, we definitely always call each other at night to see how things are going,” said Sabrina Benet. “There is always something to say.”

Lighthearted Love

In these uncertain times, why not keep the conversation light? It doesn’t always have to revolve around your frustrations. Sending funny videos or memes could ease the stress of COVID and school and allow for humorous moments! 

According to a study conducted by Laura Kurtz, from the University of North Carolina, as published by the Independent, couples that spent time laughing together were able to have a stronger, more impactful relationship. Not only does it breed positivity, but it also conveys a deeper connection. 

Sabrina shared that she felt closer to her boyfriend because she was able to appreciate the better moments amidst a pandemic. Even if quarantine were to last forever, she declared with confidence that they’d make it through!

“I feel more emotionally connected because…we’ve grown closer,” said Sabrina Benet. “I can’t see myself [sticking out quarantine] with anyone else.”

Perfect Pastimes  

You might be stuck home, but you can still involve your partner in fun activities such as video chatting while playing a board game, or showing off that sweater you’ve been knitting. 

It’s not only another way to use idle time, but involve your partner in activities that interest you. I loved FaceTiming with friends when doing homework because not only could we joke around, but the workload didn’t seem as heavy.

Quarantine is the perfect time to experiment with what you like, so why not go for that virtual yoga class you’ve been meaning to try, or learn a new language? Trying new activities will boost the conversations you have with your partner, and you might learn a lot about yourself. 

By the time quarantine is over, you could evolve as a couple and grow together. So whether you’re doing laundry, homework, or painting fruit, involve your partner!

Out With the Old 

Try to do something you wouldn’t normally do with your partner, or do the same things in a different way. It could revive your relationship! 

Instead of simply watching a movie by yourself, turn it into a competition. Dress up as your favorite character and have the winner pick the next show for the week! 

Play a round of Cards Against Humanity or start a couple’s book club! Try anything that might be even remotely interesting to you and your partner.

Sabrina shared that she liked to cook with her boyfriend instead of going out to eat together. This is a fun, cost-effective way to get some quality time in! 

Why not turn it into a challenge? Whoever presents the best dish chooses dessert!

“We never really did that together,” said Benet. “That was a new thing that we developed.”


Don’t be afraid to substitute your physical appearance with a virtual one. Many activities can be done over video chat or audio calls. The pandemic is still a huge concern so keep your safety in mind.


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