The Banner Staff Picks: Spooky Movie Edition

Eight movies you can watch to get in the Halloween spirit

By: Sabrina Benet


At a loss on what to watch this Halloween season? Here are some of The Banner Staff’s favorite movies to make your Halloween season a little more festive!

  1. Halloweentown 


Halloweentown is a classic movie franchise for those born in the 90s and early 2000s! All four movies follow the story of a girl named Marney and her adventure of discovering her family’s magical roots. 


  2.    Scream 


Just a year after her mother’s murder, Sidney Prescott and her friends became terrorized by a creepy voice over telephone calls as a game. As this game went on, people began to be murdered by the hands of the antagonist ‘Ghostface’ in an effort to get closer to threaten and murder Sidney. 


  3.   The Evil Dead


Ash Williams and his friends stay in a cabin in the woods to get away for the night. After finding an old book, the Necronomicon, the friends come to the realization that the text reawakens the dead when read out loud. This is the first of the Evil Dead trilogy.


  4.   Addams Family Values 


This 1993 fantasy/ comedy movie is a sequel to ‘The Addams Family’ released in 1991. Parents Gomez and Morticia celebrate their new baby boy, while siblings Wednesday and Pugsley are angered by this new addition to their family. They do everything they can to get rid of the baby until approached by their new nanny Debbie Jelinsky.


  5.   The Nightmare Before Christmas 


Beloved Pumpkin King Jack Skellington becomes bored with his town’s annual and daily routine and longs for more. In this movie, he stumbles upon Christmastown and falls in love with its’s colors and spirit, eventually planning to kidnap Santa Claus and take the throne. 


  6.   Brightburn



After struggling with fertility issues, the main character Tori gets her prayers answered with the arrival of Brandon. As he grows older and begins to hit puberty, darkness overtakes him. As the story progresses, everyone in Brandon’s life finds themselves to be in danger. 


  7.   Halloween (1978) 


In 1963, the six-year-old Michael Myers murdered his older sister, getting put in jail for fifteen years. Fifteen years later when being taken to his court date, Myers escapes Smith’s Grove and heads back home to look for his next victims.


  8.   Child’s Play 


Andy’s mother gives him a special gift after moving to a new city. This doll becomes his best friend, some how taking part in regular human activities and having his own life. After the doll becomes extremely violent and destructive, Andy needs help from other children in the neighborhood to stop him.


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