Biden Takes Lead in PA, On Track For Presidency

As the results are still coming in, Americans continue to await the results of the election.

By: James Midura

It is now three days after Election Day, and the next president of the United States has still not been determined. This morning there has been an update in the lead of key battleground states Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona.

Joe Biden is now ahead by a slim margin of only 1,425 votes in Georgia with only enough votes about the size of a small High School left to count. CNN and Fox News are among the numerous news outlets across the nation and beyond covering the results as they come in.

“There is a Trump party, and there is a Republican Party,” said John King. “For the past four years there have been Republicans silently against the President.”

On the more conservative broadcast of Fox News, there was a similar, but slightly more optimistic view of where the Presidents fate in Oval Office stands.

“While Biden is gaining advantage in most swing states, there are still hundreds of thousands of votes left to count,” said Sean Hannity. “In Maricopa County, the President has gotten a surge of votes, so at the moment we are unable to determine who is going to win Arizona once all ballots are counted.”

The President had maintained a lead in North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan since the first results had came in, up until yesterday. This is most likely the result of counting the millions of mail-in ballots throughout these key states.

The pandemic has caused a major increase in the number of absentee, and mail-in ballots, so it will take a bit of time until we can be verify all votes have been counted.

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