“Blood Of Zeus”: Heroes, Gods, and Giants

A new Netflix Anime Series with a Unique Take on Greek Mythology

By: Alex Zaulov

Hera, Seraphim, Heron, Alexia, Electra and Zeus. Credit: Digital Spy

A new anime series has arrived on Netflix and fans are already asking for a second season. Adopted from the similar animation style of the anime series “Castlevania,” “Blood of Zeus” features a fresh concept of Greek mythology, where a new hero known as Heron is tasked to stop a new enemy known as the Demons from taking over the world. 

Let it be known for those watching the show with kids, this isn’t Disney’s “Hercules.” This fresh R rated animated series was created by writers Charles and Vlas Parlapanides who also were the writers for the 2011 film “Immortals.

The new series manages to capture excitement, action, and emotional moments from the leading characters. Each episode is packed with enough action and drama to leave you wanting more. 

The series presents a new take of Greek gods and heroes. Heron, a son of Zeus, is called to arms by the gods of Olympus to fight a new threat. 

Seraphim, the villain of the season, leads an army of transformed humans known as Demons. Their alteration came from eating the flesh of the fallen Giants who battled the gods before they took their reign on Olympus. 

The gods’ portrayal in the series is somewhat different than what we see in the movies today. We see the rulers of Olympus to behave almost humanly, having human desires and wishes. 

However, the stories of Zeus escaping to the mortal world and having secret lovers while his wife Hera experiences temper tantrums back home isn’t really new. Even though the story is casted with a basic plotline where a bastard son happens to be the child of a god, the show still brings something new to the table. 

The series manages to present the gods in a rightful fashion, other than the big three: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Apollo with his golden chariot, Hermes with his lightning-fast speed and Ares with his warrior tactics share supporting roles while Zeus watches over his kingdom. 

Other than the gods, we are introduced to other important figures from Greek mythology. The Sisters of Fate make an appearance, weaving the lives of mortals, along with Talos, a giant bronze automaton made by Hephaestus, to protect the island of Crete from invaders. However, in the series, Talos is only used for a combat training session with Heron. 

Throughout this first season, we learn more about the history and connection between the hero Heron and the villain Seraphim. While Heron receives aid from Zeus, Seraphim seeks to convert humans into Demons but is eventually approached by Hera and is tasked to murder Zeus. 

Unlike most tales about demigods, Zeus reaches out to Heron the most. From training sessions on Olympus to making invincible weapons, Heron should be considered the spoiled illegitimate son amongst his demigod siblings. 

Seraphim makes an interesting villain to witness. He comes from a similar past as Heron but his passion and determination as an antagonist really binds the story together.


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