Matthew McConaughey Stars in Virtual “Hot Ones”

The Web Series Where Celebrities get Interviewed as they eat Spicy Wings

By: Mark Deutsch

This is the internet show where celebrities participate, along with famous actor extraordinary, Matthew Mcconaughey. Credit: Wikipedia

Matthew McConaughey, a famous actor, was recently interviewed, despite the ongoing quarantine, through Zoom for the filming of “Hot Ones”, a talk show that features celebrities eating wings coated in a variety of hellish hot sauces. 

For those who don’t know, the show “Hot Ones,” is run by a Youtube channel called First We Feast. The show is hosted by Sean Evans and he interviews his guests while they eat some hot wings. 

Evans, while the guests eat wings, asks several questions all while slowly scaling up the scoville level of the hot sauces on the wings. 

The first question that Evans asked after they ate the first wing, was about McConaughey’s new book. McConaughey talked about the book“ Green Lights”, which is about his own travels and is based off of McConaughey’s diary, which he’s kept for well over thirty years. 

The following question was about McConaughey’s new job as the new minister of culture for the University of Texas. 

This being McConaughey’s alma mater school, Evans asked what changes McConaughey had thus far made for the ecosystem of college sports. McConaughey replied that he tried to instill the values of the championship into the classroom, along with new architecture for the stadium. 

After the next hot wing Sean asked about the box-office charting movie “Interstellar,” which was directed by Christopher Nolan. The question was about the biggest structure used in the movie, which Mcconaughey quickly said was the tesseract. 

Apparently, Nolan didn’t use a green screen, so they built a physical tesseract, using a pipe to simulate zero gravity. 

After the next hot wing, Evans asked which movie was more nerve racking: the “Magic Mike” thong scene or touching a tiger in “Gold.” McConaughey gave two answers to this question, saying that Magic Mike was more because apparently someone’s hand got a little too close, but he managed to maneuver away just in time. 

Evans followed up by asking what makes a good romcom, given that Mcconaughey starred in so many, to which McConaughey replied is to let the audience know something that the characters don’t. 

One hot wing later, Evans brought up the fact that McConaughey drives around the country in his airstream trailer and asked out of all the states he’s driven through, which state’s inhabitants seemed to be the most helpful with directions and such. Besides of course his home state Texas, he said that New Yorkers were the most helpful. 

Later on in the show, Sean asked Mcconaughey about his film course and what it takes to create a movie. McConaughey said that it’s ok to go off the written script because it’s better when ideas come from everyone. What he’s trying to tell his students is that their script or movie will ultimately undergo revisions, so whether or not the director chooses to go off of the script in the end doesn’t really matter. 

At the end of the show, after all the questions were asked and all of the wings consumed, McConaughey walked out of the wings of hell, with his stomach definitely churning.

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