Top Fall/Winter Essentials

Eleven seasonal products your closet may be missing

By: Christopher Claxton

Credit: Viewingnyc

Fall and Winter are the seasons with the most clothing options: coats, jackets, hoodies, and flannels to name a few. They give you countless combinations to perfect your seasonal look. Clothing pieces for the season are not the only necessities for the colder days. My list will start at the top of the body and work its way down, along with some recommendations from myself.

Essential #1 Hats 

New York Yankees ’47 Brand MVP Hat. Credit:

Hats are a must in colder weather. They trap heat and prevent it from escaping the top of your head. If you’re from New York City, like I am, you know a New York Yankees fitted is an NYC staple. This season, any wool cap would suffice from any team you enjoy.

I recommend a New York Yankees ’47 Brand MVP Hat. It has a structured crown for a better fit with a curved visor and an adjustable strap in the back.

For the ladies out there I recommend a simple beanie, every brand has their own so they won’t be hard to find. My favorites are the one from Uniqlo called Knitted caps.

A knit headband is also great. A friend of mine recommends the H&M version.  

Essential #2 a great yet basic skincare routine. (That includes Sunscreen.)

Murad 30-day Acne- outsmart breakout kit. Credit:

Skins needs protecting all year around. There might not be that much visible sun during the Fall and Winter months, but UV rays are still present, and your face will always be covered in dirt and oil from everyday life.

You’ll need a gentle hydrating cleanser for the cold, a PH balancing toner, a moisturizer based on your skin type and a sunscreen of at least SPF 45. 

It’s recommended that women who wear make up start off with an oil based cleanser to gently remove makeup and oils then follow up with a targeted cleanser for a deeper clean. 

My go to brand is Murad, try out the Murad 30-day Acne- outsmart breakout kit, a four-piece trial set that helps target and prevent breakouts, mattify appearance, visibly reduce pores, and protect with SPF for clearer-looking skin.

Essential #3 Lip Balms

Fresh Sugar Lip Carmel Hydrating Lip Balm. Credit:

The colder air can destroy your lips, causing them to be chapped and dry. I know nobody wants that. Look for a product that’s moisturizing and that doesn’t get sticky.

I recommend the Fresh Sugar Lip Carmel Hydrating Lip Balm, it’s a bit expensive at $18 but it’s worth it. This flavor is great and there’s many other flavors to choose from. The lip balm helps with dryness, dullness and uneven texture 

Essential #4 NikeLab Fleece hoodie

Different angles of a guy wearing a  Nike Lab Hoodie. Credit:

The Nike Lab Hoodie is not like ordinary hoodies, it’s made from Nikes premium fleece fabric that is soft and loose so you’re always comfortable. There’s a good range of colors too. They sell out every once in a while but Nike makes sure to restock them.

They don’t make this hoodie in women sizing but it does go down to a XS. The alternative for women that I recommend is the Nike Sportswear Women’s Fleece Hoodie. Both hoodies come in plus sizes, men’s up to a 2X and the women’s hoodie goes up to a 3X.

Essential #5 Cardigan

Uniqlo Men Extra Fine Merino V-Neck Long Sleeve Cardigan. Credit:

There are so many ways to wear a cardigan, you can dress it up or dress it down. Many young people look to hoodies and crewnecks for the colder months but leave out this functional, stylish and versatile piece of clothing.  Here’s a link to all the cardigans Uniqlo has to offer for men and women.

Essential #6 Flannel shirt

St. John’s Bay Super Soft Mens Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt. Credit:

A flannel, t-shirt and jeans is a fit that won’t be a miss for men and women. If you’re looking for a warmer approach, throw a Flannel over a hoodie. Stay away from the lumberjack style flannels and stick to flannels that are not as traditional. Many people wear flannels, so I suggest going for more unique patterns and colors. My go to’s are St. John’s Bay Super Soft Men’s Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt, and for women, St. John’s Bay Womens Long Sleeve Regular Fit Button-Down Shirt

Essential #7 Textured clothing

Ultra Stretch Corduroy Skinny Jeans. Credit:

Adding texture to your outfit gives it a subtle kick; it can take an okay outfit and make it a great one. Texture adds feeling and pattern to a look without doing too much. They give your outfits some depth and prevent it from looking boring and sometimes unoriginal. Velvet, corduroy, and suede are good options to choose from when you go shopping this season. Keep an eye out for cable knit sweaters, corduroy pants and suede jackets. Corduroy pants are always in style. Try out these PacSun Tan Corduroy Mom Pants for women and Ultra Stretch Corduroy Skinny Jeans for men.

Essential #8 Wool socks 

Kirkland Wool Socks. Credit:

Not only will these socks keep your feet warm, but they’ll be a great addition to your outfit. Wool socks are fluffy, cozy and colorful. Roll up your pants or jeans to show them off. I like to match my socks to my Apple Watch band and bracelets to add a subtle color pop to every outfit. You can’t go wrong with these charcoal grey Kirkland Wool Socks.

Essential #9 Layering 

Showing neck down and revealing a green winter jacket, nice blue jeans and Nike sneakers. Credit: EddieWinKicks

Fall and winter are perfect for layering. I don’t mean putting on a shirt, hoodie, coat, and calling it a great outfit; but, with layering, you have the opportunity to mix formal and informal wear like the combination of topcoats and hoodies with a pair of sneakers or even dress shoes. Or, instead, just keep it fully casual and use layering as a way to add more colors to your outfits.

Essential #10 the perfect scent 

White Barn Vanilla Bean Candle. Credit: 

The time for flower filled scents are over. It’s time for smells a bit more mild. Men should aim for scents with hits of lavender, vanilla, a nice mint, or a type of wood. The mixture of lavender and cedar wood is my favorite. Not only do you need great scents for your clothes but for your home as well. I’m a big fan of Bath & Body Works candles. I suggest Champagne Toast and Vanilla Bean.

Essential #11 HEATTECH of all kinds

Cream Heattech Crew Neck. Credit: Cream Heattech Crew Neck

Uniqlo heattech is a winter staple that I stand by. It’s a material created by the brand to keep people warm and comfortable. It’s made from a lightweight high-tech fabric that creates heat while you move. You can stay warm without the added bulk. Uniqlo has HEATTECH turtlenecks, crewnecks, scarfs, and socks. You name it, they got it.  Here’s the link to all HEATTECH products. Make sure you filter the results to fit your needs.

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