One of the Best Steak Bosses That’s Present in Youtube

Guga Foods is a Top Notch Oddity That’s Run by Guga, Who Loves to Explore the Boundaries of Cooking Meat 

By: Mark Deutsch

The logo of the famous YouTube food channel that’s renowned in the YouTube cooking section. Credit:

Guga Foods is a Youtube channel that mainly focuses on experimenting with meat. The owner of Guga Foods, Gustavo Tosta, has one other channel called Sous Vide Everything. Both channels are related to each other, except that his Sous Vide Everything channel pertains to just sous vide, vacuum sealing, cooking. 

On both channels, Gustavo works alone when preparing the meat and provides narration throughout the episode. Gustavo makes videos when he’s cooking and shows the best bits after editing such as slow shots of cutting the meat to show its juiciness or when the meat is on the grill. 

Gustavo is a meat scientist which means he has different methods of cooking any meat in any way. He’s done dry aged, smoked, and even used a car engine in some of the most unconventional ways. His best trait which makes his videos so good, is his openness to tackling any challenge. 

One of the methods that he loves most besides his grill, is the sous vide water bath. He has an entire channel focusing on just this method, which takes a minimum of two hours to cook. The sous vide is a hot water bath that makes meat more tender, with the meat in a vacuumed sealed bag. 

The other methods that he loves to use is something called dry aging, which gives meat a delicious taste. He puts the meat in a special bag that he says has a membrane, and allows the moisture to escape. He puts it on top of his refrigerator for days to weeks, after which he takes it out and prepares it. 

The problem with dry aging that he shows his viewers is cutting the hardened outer skin off, called pellicle. As a result, the steak is considerably smaller than it was in the beginning; but, otherwise as Gustav says, “It tastes phenomenal.” 

Gustavo has uttered this phrase along with “ I know it doesn’t look good right now, but watch this.” He’s said these phrases over many expensive cuts of wagyu grade five meat, with prime rib appearing quite frequently. So where exactly does Gustavo make his money from where he can regularly experiment? 

The funds come from sponsors that pay him to mention their product, the most recent sponsor being Raid Shadow Legends. His other source of income is from his subscribers, and both of these sources have made him rich. It also helps that he has a family to work with, since it’s harder to work alone. 

Gustavo doesn’t work alone when running his channel, he employs his nephew Angel along with his cousin Maumau. Gustav does most of the cooking by himself, so it’s assumed that they deal with cameras along with the editing. At the end of the day, they get paid and are taste testers for his experiments.

When Gustavo isn’t trying to go mad scientist on expensive to cheap meats, he’s a really good cook. He’s proven to cook an expertly seasoned whole piglet for a party and he can also grill Wagyu beef to perfection. On the whole, Gustavo is one of the best YouTube meat chefs out there.

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