Supernatural: The End of the Road

The Longest Running Sci-Fi Show in TV History has Ended (Major Spoilers)

By: Angelina Salvador

Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Credit: Peggy Sirota for Entertainment Weekly Magazine

For fifteen years and seasons, fans have been captivated by Sam and Dean Winchester’s stories and hunts on the road. It has now reached the end. 

After fans have waited anxiously for a while because of production stopping due to COVID-19, the final seven episodes aired in October through November. The final episode aired November nineteenth and fans have been put through an emotional wringer. 

It all began with two brothers who reconnect with each other when their father goes missing on a hunt. As the series began to grow and more supernatural beings, monsters, and characters were added, the bigger the show and fanbase became. 

Eventually they found an old bunker that a team of hunters, called The Men of Letters, resided in Kansas. This place became home, something the brothers barely had that weren’t each other. 

Sam and Dean have faced every life threatening situation there could be. From being wanted by the FBI, from dying and coming back to life numerous times, being possessed by demons (and even Lucifer himself!), angels, and even going to hell and being rescued by the angel Castiel, they’ve really gone through it. 

The Angel of Thursday, better known as Cas, is always saving the day and protecting the lives of the Winchesters. Just two episodes ago, his sacrificial death really shook the fanbase as the reaction to his confession to Dean about his deal with the Empty and his love sent fans reeling. Fans hoped he would’ve made an appearance next to Dean, but it never came. 

Every adversity they’ve faced has been written by Chuck, who was revealed to be God back in season eleven. It wasn’t until Sam, Dean, and Jack (yes, Lucifer’s son) figured out a clever way to outsmart and defeat God once and for all and live free an episode ago. 

The Winchesters next move? They get back to hunting and begin to do things the way they want without Chuck’s (God) control, which many fans thought they would’ve given up or live for a long time and hunt forever. 

In this episode on a hunt for vampires and on their way to save children, Sam and Dean end up in a barn fighting against some masked vampires and their leader, Jenny, who was in season one. Although together, like always, they defeat the monsters that surround them but one of the brothers meets his end. 

Dean Winchester’s death has left fans bewildered as they watch him be impaled by a rusty rod as the last monster they kill pushes him. This scene happened quickly and left fans to watch in horror and grief, killing off one of the most important and beloved characters who slowly ceases to exist, with a heart-wrenching conversation with his brother, a tearful goodbye not only to Sam but the audience as well. 

The bunker is quiet, dark and lonely as Sam made his way out from the hunting life and moved on like his brother told him he deserved. Settling down with a wife and a son he named Dean, Sam got to live his life and grew old. 

Dean ends up in a new and improved Heaven, thanks to Jack, as Bobby (their childhood father figure) explained this is how heaven was always supposed to be; you die and you’re near the people you love. There were some easter eggs in the heaven scene: Harvelle’s bar which was Ellen and Jo’s back in season 2, Bobby being there and his old partner living nearby, and even the mention of the Winchester parents living not too far. 

Seasons ago, many fans were watching Heaven fall apart numerous times. Finally, the new Heaven is a place where these characters can go to without a worry, the peaceful place it should’ve been from the start. 

Dean Winchester and Baby (the impala) are reunited in heaven, and he tells Bobby he’s going to take a ride. This scene switches back and forth with him driving and showing Sam’s life over time.

When Dean reaches the end of a road on a bridge, there is a brief moment of him feeling content when he realizes someone is standing behind him. His brother, Sam, has passed on to Heaven after dying from old age and they now reunite to peacefully ‘live’ in heaven. 

The bittersweet ending of a beloved show that paved the way for future shows, received mixed reactions and feelings from fans. From fans loving it, hating it, or even being in the middle, this goes to show how significant the characters, actors, and Supernatural in its entirety impacted us all. 

Even though it hurts, we must carry on.


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